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Between the years of 1607 and 1775 enormous changes were brought to the southern colonies in the North American continent. European explorers traveled to Africa, where they brought millions of Africans to the Americas. However, Few colonists challenged the prevailing belief system regarding indentured servitude and slavery. Rather, economic, social and geographic conditions encouraged the growth of slavery in southern colonies and enabled it to play a major role in the economy of the south.

Slavery became a highly profitable system for white plantation owners in the colonial South. The Europeans settled on land near Charleston, Carolinas main port and slave-trading capital. Some of the earliest African arrivals had shown English settlers how rice could be grown in the swampy coastal environment. As rice boomed, landowners found the need to import more African slaves to clear the swamps where the rice was grown and to cultivate the crop. Also, the flat fertile soil of southern colonies allowed the planting of cash crops like tobacco. With cheap and permanent workers available in the form of slaves, plantation owners realized these crops could make them rich. Demand for slaves in the southern colonies flourished and soon after every plantation and farm consisted of numerous slaves. After a while, the colonies were actually dependant on the slaves.

The economy of southern colonies overwhelmingly focused on agriculture. The cash crops such as rice and tobacco were dominant in the market economy. And intensive labor encouraged the growth of slavery in those areas. Many of the African slaves knew how to grow and cultivate the cash crops, which was alien to colonists. The slaves became much less costly as to indentured servants, and they were much easier to control. The construction of roads and railroads for trade, and the law considering slaves as property also promoted the growth of slavery in southern colonies. Towards the end of 1600¡¯s, the slavery became well-accepted and profitable option, which many plantation owners turned to.

Another major factor that led to slavery in the southern colonies was the social factors. With social pressure looming down on the governors and other political leaders in the colonies, nobody dared to place any duty or restriction on the slave trade. If governors or political leaders had set restrictions, people would have protested and resented the leaders. This is why slavery was mostly untouched by the law and taxes.

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With all of these factors adding up, the drive toward the Southern Colonial slavery not only helped the economy, but also added various cultures to the Americas and also shaped the future of a young nation.

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