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Castlereagh, Robert Stuart, Viscount 1768-1822

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Castlereagh, Robert Stuart, Viscount 1768-18

Many things happened during the French revolution that other countries did not agree with. For example abolishing the monarchy led to wars, resulting in may casualties. During these times the Britain has always been against France and continually attempts to stop France from expanding its territory and gaining power. One man who tried to stop the French using diplomacy instead of violence was Lord Viscount Castlereagh.

Castlereagh was born in Dublin, Ireland on 18 June 176 into a well off family. He was the only surviving child of his fathers first marriage to Sarah Frances. Later on he studied at Cambridge University and began his political career in 170 when he returned at the general election for Co. Down, the seat which his father had held from 1771 till 178. He was again elected for the county in 177. During this year a fellow statesman William Pitt gave Castlereagh the title of Lord Castlereagh and appointed him as his Irish chief secretary. During this time there were uprisings in Ireland because of religious conflicts and Lord Castlereagh assisted in stopping the uprising. He agreed with Pit that the best way of dealing with these uprisings was to unite with Britain (Catholic Emancipation). The king during this time disagreed with this idea but gave in and named Henry Addington to become his prime minister. Pitt and Castlereagh did not want to serve under him and resigned. The Act of Union in 1800 affected the Irish parliament by dissolving it and forming the Parliament of the United Kingdom. In 180 he accepted Addington’s offer to return to the cabinet. Addington later resigned and was replaced by William Pitt; Castlereagh was now giving the post of Secretary for War. Castlereagh left office in 1807 but five years later the new Prime Minister, Lord Liverpool, appointed Castlereagh as his foreign secretary. During this time Castlereagh was trying to stop Napoleon and represented Britain in the congress of Vienna. Castlereagh worked for the establishment of the United Netherlands and the German Confederation. He liked the idea of an independent Poland but was required to accept a repartitioning of that country. Castlereagh helped to organize the successful final coalition against Napoleon. In 1815 the British defeated France at the Battle of Waterloo which resulted in the abdication of Napoleon and improved the public standing of Castlereagh. He advocated a moderate peace settlement for France, including restoration of the Bourbon monarchy and the limitation of France to her pre-war boundaries. Later on after Napoleons exile to St. Helena, the parliament wanted to reduce the taxes on the people to prevent radical thinking to be reborn again. Instead a mass of people met in Manchester on August 16 181. To prevent another mass meeting the government proposed social reform, and therefore Lord Castlereagh introduced the 6 acts

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