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global university

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Establishing a global university supported by all nations would be beneficial in several respects with the continuing trend of globalization; many problems-which include disparity between the rich and poor, international crimes exploiting lax visa requirements and low enforcement, relentless threat of terror, and depletion of the ozone layers- once limited to a few countries, if not a single one, are growing global as a byproduct of falling border which results from the ease of international travel and the increase of international relations, be it a political one, or a business one.

International institutions-such as UN and WTO-founded for the purpose of association and cooperation over the issue involving many countries and the common good of the world, hold a meeting where delegations of each country, mainly consisting of each nation¡¯s leaders, voice their opinions. Unfortunately, international negotiations often reach a deadlock, polarized and paralyzed among the participants. Take, for example, the frustrating result of the round which was supposed to address the issues of greatest interest to developing countries. The bill was carefully crafted over several months was rejected by super powers in the world, which manifests the chronic problem of international conference that rich countries are reluctant to spend their national revenue for the purpose not directly related to their interests while poor countries are skeptical about the sincere efforts to resolve problems from the part of rich countries.

Developing a global university-which encourages its students to delve into social problems - would suggest a solution to the limit of international institutions. Most of the international problems require not only thorough knowledge ranging from the domestic situation to the interaction between nations, but also skill of debating and compromising. To the contrary of politicians, who always pursue the nation¡¯s interests, the students would be relatively free from obsession of economic interests and approach the problems from diverse directions. Moreover, when it comes to the responsibility of university, which is meeting the demand of reality and preparing for the future, the global university would be apotheosis of contributing education.

One might argue that the global university would not turn in tangible results as the activity of students are unlikely to wield power in the real political arena. I would argue, however, that the students would grow up to be world leaders and eventually change the mood of international relations into more cooperative one, availing themselves of training and experience from the global university. Of course, to achieve the success of the project, it would be require circumspect preparations; what proportions of support would each country assume? ; who would consist of faculty members? ; what would be the curriculum? Just as a school is considered a place for welfare of a society, the global university would serve as a good investment for the world.

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With the efforts of all nations, the global university would serve as the venue of thorough exploration into the global issues and therefore contribute for common good for the world. And we will see the result in the foreseeable future.

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