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Giving Away Property

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The value of human resources can not be found anywhere on a balance sheet.

However, employees of an organization are extremely important assets, often providing

organizations with a competitive advantage. These valuable assets can also prove to be

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very costly for an organization. Organizations now take measures that recognize human

resources as people with psychological needs in the hopes of making jobs more

meaningful and satisfying to the employees. Job enrichment is an approach that

organizations can take in order to redesign jobs, creating job satisfaction by including

more challenge and responsibility in jobs, making these jobs more appealing to most

employees in the hopes of creating employee motivation. The underlying concept of job

enrichment is that enriched jobs will fulfill employees’ psychological needs, resulting in

satisfied and motivated employees who will enjoy their jobs and, therefore, exert more

effort in performing these jobs.

There are many reasons that employees may desire an enriched job. For example,

through job enrichment, employees will be allowed to demonstrate their initiative and

ability to learn new skills. Also, employees may gain valuable on-the-job experience and

skill variety that may aid the employees in attempts to advance to higher levels in the

organization. Learning new skills may also open doors of opportunity that allow

employees to increase their pay or to obtain a more exciting job that requires these skills.

Job enrichment should bring new life to boring, monotonous jobs, making work for many

employees much more enjoyable.

Organizations also may benefit from job enrichment. Job enrichment that allows

employees to develop more skills will also allow management flexibility in staffing

internally, if internal staffing is desirable. This flexibility may be particularly

advantageous during busy times. In addition, job enrichment may allow management to

more accurately determine which employees will excel in higher-level positions before

they are actually put into these positions. Plus, job enrichment that creates more

meaningful work should decrease or eliminate worker alienation. Jobs that lack meaning

may result in decreased quality of work performed, absenteeism, and turnover, all

resulting in low productivity that is costly to organizations. If organizations can provide

meaningful jobs through job enrichment, the inverse results that may occur are increased

quality of work performed, reduced absenteeism, and low turnover. Instead of having

alienated workers, organizations may find that their employees perceive their jobs as

truly a part of their lives, not simply as a means for obtaining a regular paycheck.

This research paper looks at the work in the field of job enrichment of early

pioneers, Fredrick Herzberg , Richard Hackman, and Greg Oldham and the contributions

that they have made. Also, current terms associated with job enrichment such as job

enlargement, job redesign, and empowerment are defined. A closer look at applying

empowerment practices is presented at the conclusion of the paper.

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