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biomechanics of tennis

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All You’re Losing is You

With a bone crunching right-hand jab to the head, Fredrick fell down to earth with a thud. As Fredrick is left crushed lying on the ground, the might of the football team has him surrendering for mercy.

“You’re nothing but a pitiful ‘four-eyed’ freak,” said the quarterback as he stood tall and in power. “If you ever go near me or my friends I swear you will regret it”

Fredrick has just arrived back to Australia after leaving for Wales on a five-year exchange program. One of Frederick’s best friends, Sam, and newly elected captain of the football team is shocked to see what has become of his old friend.

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“Fredrick,” as Sam says before a long pause. “You look… good.”

“I suppose since you’re captain of your precious football team now you would have become too cool for me, or you’ll just hate me cause of the rest of the team.”

“Yeah… well I guess some friendships just aren’t meant to be.”

Fredrick is shattered to hear what Sam has said about him and is hungry to get revenge on his old friend. Fredrick’s fury for Sam is soon settled as he meets a girl called Jess who accepts his way of life. A similarity in personalities and hobbies has brought these together and in a short time a strong relationship is formed.

Sam is shocked to think he said such hash things to his once best friend.

“I am so sorry for saying those things about you before… they were uncalled for and if the football team doesn’t like it they can stick it,” said Sam while they stood alone in the corridor.

“You’re not sorry, you’re the same as the rest of the football team… you have no feelings,” Fredrick yelled in anger.

“So this is it, is it… a great friendship down the drain… just like that?”

“Yeah… well people change and some things aren’t meant to be… are they Sam.”

“Well, obviously you haven’t changed… so are you still into those stupid comic books and superheros,” said Sam in attempt to humiliate Fredrick.

“Yes… as a matter of fact I am into those stupid comic books and superheros.”

“Oh… ok,” Sam says in humiliation and then runs off to football practice.

“So, you’re one of them now are you?” Jess said in anger.

“What?” Fredrick asked.

“You’re friends with Sam… the football team captain”

“No… that was long time ago, I swear. I realized he has changed and become one of the bad guys.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Jess said as she started crying and ran away.

“I suppose you’re happy now… I’ve been beaten up by your friends and now the only good thing in my life hates me,” Fredrick said to Sam with anger in his voice.

“So what’s next?” Sam asked.

“I’m going back to Wales to captain my gaylick football team,” Fredrick said in annoyance as he revealed his past which he had tried so hard keep secret. “So I guess we’re not that different after all are we.”

“What about the comic books and those nerdy reading glasses,” asked Sam

“If you can’t understand that then I guess that we’re not very much the same,” Fredrick said. “Back in Wales they don’t judge you by how you look or act, they judge you by who you are.”

“So is it true are you leaving to go back to Wales,” Jess asked Fredrick.

“Yes,” answered Fredrick. “There is nothing keeping me here now.”

“No… that’s not true, I still want you hear… I need you hear,” Jess said in desperation to keep Fredrick here.

“I’ve made up my mind… you deserve better than me anyway,” Fredrick said. ”Your too beautiful and kind for someone like me.”

“That is not true and you know it.”

Yeah… well it’s a bit late to be telling me that now.”

“So… you break my heart into a thousand pieces, and you say it’s because I deserve better,” Jess says as she runs away crying.

“So this is it… goodbye again?” Sam asked Frederick as they stand waiting to board the plane.

“Yes… I guess so,” Fredrick says as he picks up his suitcase.

“I never meant to hurt you, and I’m sorry that you payed so bad,” Sam apologises. “I didn’t wan it this way, and I hope that you are happy were you go and I’d like to say I helped you become the person you are now,” Sam says as Fredrick walks off to board the plane.

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