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The Electric Lightbulb

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The Electric Lightbulb is one of the most important inventions ever created. An inventor named Thomas Alva Edison created the lightbulb back in 187. The electric lightbulb is actually called an ‘Incandescent lamp’, this means that electricity flows through the filament of the lightbulb. Thomas invented the lightbulb in a lamp factory back at Menlo Park, In the United States of America. Edison was determined to make a light that was not as bright as the arc lights that were already invented (therefore used on the streets) but also not as dim as the gas lights that were used in houses as they had an open flame therefore extremely dangerous. So Thomas combined both his knowledge on electrical and gas lighting to come up with the lightbulb.

The lightbulb was a puzzling invention; it had a sphere-like glass protector around it and inside there were little pieces of metal attached to other pieces of wiring. The materials that were used in the birth of the lightbulb were gas, electricity, glass, switches, lamps, sockets, wiring and the most important one of all; the filament, this was the pin-point of were the light was received, this was actually made out of carbonized bamboo. The lightbulb was attached to a wall or ceiling. The main technologies used to make the lightbulb were electricity and gas.

The lightbulb helped people in that time as they could have electrical lighting in their homes with reduced danger compared to gas lighting used previously. It had an amount of brightness that was suitable for both inside and outside usage of light.

The lightbulb has been named one of the most important inventions ever created as mentioned above, and has been given this title as mostly everyone on Earth uses the lightbulb. It is a part of advancing into more modernized times, There is now also a wide variety of availability of different wattage usage so you can control how much brightness you want in your home or workplace.

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