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Why A Graduate Degree?

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Why A Graduate Degree?

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July 18, 00

Graduate Degree

When pondering the idea of “ Why A Graduate Degree? ”, there comes to mind several answers. I think the idea of being the only one of six children from my family to complete a degree program comes to mind. I think of setting an example for my children, hopefully to give them aspirations for success. There are ideas of advancement in a career that appears to be stagnated at times. Perhaps a change of paths within the career that has been chosen is a driving force. It may even be the eluding feeling of self-fulfillment that may come with finally achieving the goal that has become present within my life at this point in time. I look back and realize the wasted years that have gone by and know that the time left is dwindling as each day passes. Lets examine the scenarios from above and determine the most influential reasoning behind pursuing a graduate degree.

Being the first from a family of six is an excellent incentive to acquire the graduate degree that I have embarked upon earning. With so many in a family and being somewhere in the middle, the sense of rivalry has always been a prevalent factor. Over time however, the years have since taken their toll on sibling rivalry and I would be hard pressed to attribute this with any notion of influence to obtaining a graduate degree.

With two careers under my belt and another in training, I can say the idea for educational advancement is quite an entertaining thought within my current career path. Education within the IT career is an ongoing effort. The stagnation that was mentioned above may only be the lack of up to date knowledge within the field of expertise in which one works. Stirring the stagnation that acquired from sitting in one place too long causes an ideal way of remaining mentally stimulated.

Graduate Degree

Being a father of two children and trying to instill the idea of completing a college education into their mind is a tremendous driving force. A parent will always want their children to accomplish more than they accomplished. The thought of your child struggling in life is never a comforting thought.

In conclusion we can ascertain that many circumstances may push a person to achieve a college degree. I can say that each of the items discussed have been instrumental in my achieving the degree that I have. Also, the graduate degree that I am seeking at this time is a culmination of all the above with the exception of just doing it for myself. I do want the best for my children so completing and continuing my own education is one way of many ways that I can accomplish this goal.

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