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Brazil, located in South America, surrounded by the South Atlantic Ocean and the

North Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Brazil is, Brasilia, located in the Southern-Eastern part

of Brazil. The four major cities are, Boa Vista, Teresina, Maceio, and Campo Grande. Brazil

has a great area, it is 8,511,65 sq km and out of that total 8,456,510 sq km is land, and

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55,455 sq km is water. The population in this country is of 176,0,560 people. The major

ethnic groups were, White (includes Portugese, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish) 55%,

mixed white and black 8%, black 6%, and finally other ethnic groups which includes

Japanese, Arab, and Amerindian are 1%. The major religion is Roman Catholic 80%. The

literacy rate is that people ages 15 and over can read and write. The total population is 8.%,

males being 8.% and females being 8.%. The languages in Brazil are Portugese, which is

the official, Spanish, English, and French.

The exports are $57.8 billion, and the exports commodities are manufactures, iron ore,

soybeans, footwear, coffee, and autos. The export partners are the US 4.4%, Argentina

11.%, Germany 8.7%, Japan 5.5%, Italy .%, and the Netherlands. The imports are $57.7

billion, and the import commodities are machinery and equipment, chemical products, oil,

electricity, and autos and auto parts. The import partners were US .%, Argentina 11.%,

Germany 8.7%, Japan 5.5%, and Italy .%.

The major natural resources in Brazil are, bauxite, gold, iron, ore, manganese, nickel,

phosphates, platinum, tin, uranium, petroleum, hydro power, and timber. The land and water

features are the Corcovado Mountain, located in Rio de Janeiro, the Sugar Loaf Mountains, the Ipanema Beach, the Botanical Garden, the Mighty IguaƧu Falls, and finally the Caracol

Falls. Brazil has many trading partners, but the major one is the USA. Their government type

is Federative Republic. The currency is real (BRL) and the currency code is BRL. If it is

June 10th at 100pm in Newark, NJ, it would be June 10th at 400 pm in Brazil.

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