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Educated Person

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What are the values, qualities and the standards of an educated person? If a person is well dressed in a nice suit and talks with a posh accent, does that make that person an educated person? If a person is well dressed in suit, and goes to work with a brief case, earns good money, lives in a detached house and drives a smart car, does that make a person an educated person? An educated person is not valued by appearance or social class, however an educated person is someone who is equipped with adequate knowledge and experience, so that the person may be prepared to work in a career as a professional. An educated person should have intercultural understandings. A well educated should be able to relate the knowledge to the society and the real world. An educated person should long for a life long learning to continue to learn more and more from the real world independently.

Schools continuously educate people and teach many contents to the people. People may learn many things in school, but what¡¯s truly important is to connect what they¡¯ve learned in school in the real world, and the society. In order to relate the subjects that were learned in school to the real world, people must experience the real world and the real society. People should not only have knowledge in their head, but also have experience through reality. People must practice their knowledge in the reality in order to become more educated person. Practicing and training to transfer the knowledge into act in the real world is an inevitable requirement for an educated person must go under process.

An educated person should be broad-minded and have intercultural understandings. When an educated person relates what he or she learned in the reality, the educated should be knowledgeable to many cultural aspects so the person may relate and use what he or she learned in any culture or condition. The educated person should be informed with various aspects of culture, environment, social class, and situations. An educated person should have basic ideas of overall subjects, in order to at least catch up and get the idea of many different types of contents and people. An educated person should not have too much problem in facing different culture, environment, and people. The educated should know and comprehend the differences.

An educated person should be well prepared for career and professionalism. An educated person should be both knowledgeable and skilled. While the educated should be notified and be knowledgeable with the contents, they must also be familiar, and also be well trained. In order to go through career and professionalism, people face many different people. The educated should also have skills in keeping a good relationship with other people.

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An educated should be a life long learner. An educated person is always willing to learn and practice what they¡¯ve learned and use them. An educated person should have the skills to teach him her self, and be a truly educated person that should be able to learn more and more independently.

It is extremely difficult for one person to define an educated person, because people interpret of being educated with various standards and definitions. However if someone recalls some one another and considers that person an educated person, the educated person should be equipped with some of the basic contents that are necessary to survive through the society and the real world that we live in.

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