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Suiside Virgin

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Amira Reflection Fritsn Sauce

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Madison Count y

Phillipa Fish

Faqueza Visa

Mr Earius

Bob Down

Plot This story is about Mr Earius and his three Angels they are called Earius Angels and they are detectives who fight evil. This story is set Paris in the year 001 at the Moulin Rouge where the Angels headquarters are.

The evil and diabolical Fritsn Sauce is obsessed with the lovely, gorgeous but married, Faqueza. So he designed a devious and foolproof plan to steal Faqueza’s heart, or so he thinks. His plan is to kidnap Bob Down (Faqueza’s husband) and then threaten the Angels by telling them that in five days if Faqueza is not in Fritsn’s arms and madly in love he will kill Faqueza’s beloved husband Bob Down. Fritsn decides to put his plan into action. So one day when Bob came to work Fritsn came with his assassins and they beat him with an Ugly stick. Then they took Bob away. When the Angels came for their daily meeting they found the note that Fritsn had left telling them about the kidnapping. So the Angels are on a quest to find Bob, save him from murder and defeat the evil and very delicious Fritsn Sauce. All in five days.

The story goes on for five days with the Angels travelling through and around Europe trying to find Bob before he is killed. Fritsn has left clues and riddles along the way as well as assassins to try stop the Angels. When the five days is up the Angels finally give up and decided to go back to the Moulin Rouge and tell Mr Earius that they have failed their assignment. This is the first assignment that the Angels have failed. In all the disappointment and the anger Faqueza decided to something dramatic, something she wished she wouldn’t have done. She committed…. suicide!!! She did this because her husband is supposedly dead and she can’t live without him so by her killing herself they can be together even though she doesn’t know for sure that Bob has been killed.

In the next couple of days Fritsn decides to come back with Bob because he thought he shouldn’t kill something that belonged to Faqueza. But to his shock and surprise he found that Faqueza had killed herself. This made matters worse by making Bob really angry so he did something a bit naughty he hired a man by the name…Sam Wich (this is a cameo role), but it was a bit hard trying to find Sam considering his ordeal with the Ugly stick. But once that was organised it was set at 600 just around teatime for you know what. Once the time hit six Fritsn sat down to his evening meal but little did he know that he would be the one who was going to be eaten. There was a knock at the door as Fritsn opened it he was brutally smothered by a Sam Wich. They wrestled on the ground for a while until Fritsn was in the middle of Sam and unconscious. It was a bit like a Fritsn Sauce Sam Wich. Once the Police were there the announced Fritsn to be legally dead. So Fritsn and his company were shut down for good.

10 years later Bob is happily married with his mail order bride, the angels are still fighting crime and have only failed one mission and Sam is still hired for illegal bashing.

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