Thursday, 22 December 2011

now and then

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It was a Sunday afternoon, and as I was packing boxes filled with the old toys, which were left over from the clearance sale at my closed down second hand toyshop. I realised that I was also packing away twenty years of my life, which was devoted to setting up and keeping this shop running. I looked around the room taking in the soft blue walls with paint chipping off them, the brightly coloured toys poking out of boxes, and the faded green carpet on the floor. Shivering from the coldness of the rain outside, I stood up, stretched and looked at my watch, reading .18 pm, /8/0. I remembered back exactly twenty years ago to the day when I first moved my things in unaware of what this chapter of my life would hold...

It was the day after my 47th birthday and I was just stepping into my new shop in Warkworth, NZ, where I was planning to set up a second hand toy shop. I had just moved over from Australia after getting a divorce and wanting a fresh start. I wiped my head of perspiration from the hot sunny day. And even though it was only 10.4am the sun was already streaming through the long front windows. I immediately decided on redecorating the fresh white walls and light yellow carpet once I was settled in. I was feeling happy, excited and nervous all at once, about taking on a challenge like setting up a shop and moving to a new place where I knew no one...

As I shifted the last box out the door I had a quick glance to make sure I hadnt forgotten anything, and I thought about how a new chapter of my life was opening, with being retired and moving down to Dunedin to be closer to my family. I pulled the door shut behind me and slowly walked away from the last twenty years of my life.

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