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Fallen Angels

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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels is a story that takes place in Vietnam while the war was going on. More specifically, September 15, 167. The story is narrated by a man named Richard Perry. He’s a young man straight out of high school who wasn’t able to go to college because he had to help support his younger brother Kenny. He had dreams of one day being able to become a writer but he put those dreams off. He wasn’t a real affectionate person but he knew he was loved and he had a big heart. Entering the war from high school was a big change for him, he wasn’t used to the war life of course.

On that day of September 15, 167 Richard Perry was on his way to Vietnam. On his way there he was accompanied by Pee Wee Gates and Judy Duncan. Those people were the first two he met. When the met they introduced themselves and exchange the usual information in which he learned that Judy was from Dallas. He also learned that she was there in the medical field so she wouldn’t be out fighting with the rest. Sure enough when they got off the plane Judy was sent to one of the hospitals and the rest of them was sent to the headquarters.

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Before they could actually get to do anything they had to go to an informational orientation in which they were told rules that could save their lives. They wee told not to do drugs and stay away from the black market. They were also told to stay away from the women whom are known to carry a disease and to take their pills. They called their enemy the vietcong, and Perry’s first run in with a Vietnamese woman was not pleasant. One of the guys was calling the lady “ Momma Cong” but she was only the cleaning lady and Perry felt bad.

Perry and Pee Wee were assigned to alpha company which was located way out in the bonnies. Perry made it clear that he had a condition but it made no difference to his platoon leaders. He has bad knees from playing basketball back home. Perry was black and so were many others but their platoon leaders were white so there were some racial disputes and fights. Perry wrote to his mother but he didn’t really know what to write so he just told her about what he’s been doing so far and who he’s met.

Perry’s first mission was very nerve wrecking for him because he’s never been in this situation before. All he kept thinking was if he was going to make through the war. Whenever he would go out on a mission he would think that everyone has left him out there all alone and he has to fight his way out by himself. His first mission came as a surprise because everyone thought the war was coming to an end. When they first got to Alpha co. they heard rumors that the war was coming to an end and they made a truce but they were told wrong.

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