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Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl

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Mladen Maricic

Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl

Women suffering at the beginning of twentieth century is very well depicted in the film. This film shows a life of hard working immigrant’s women emphasizing two of them- Ida and Angelica.

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Although both of them came from different background, Ida as daughter of Russian Jewish immigrant family and Angelica as a daughter of Italian immigrants, both of them, as many others from that part of the Europe, went through tremendous suffering while working in the garment industry. Not that working rights in early Corporate America were ideal, it was actually quite opposite, but the women and children were treated way beyond moral boundaries.

Treated without any respect whatsoever women were urged to organize to raise the voice against exploitation. Dealing with inhuman condition at their work, such as long working hours without brake, low wages and sometimes even sexual harassment, women felt that the strike was the only way to change such a conditions. But not all women had the same courage or knowledge if you wish. These different points of perspective were shown in the film through the eyes of Ida and Angelica. Ida as a daughter of Russian emigrants, seems to me, was much more aware of social injustice and with socialist mind was much more involved in union. Angelica on the other hand did not have formed opinion about the union and she had a strong disapproval of her father.

The film takes us to the time before a great Cooper strike and culmination of Socialist women. Later on, it leads us through the strike where Ida and Angelica join the strike and finally end up arrested. Cooper strike was the largest strike in New York history. Over thirty thousand women mostly immigrants, all ages but mostly young, occupied the streets of New York City. Although the middle class women wore dresses made by these immigrant’s women and lived a completely different life, they gathered streets to join the revolt. The strike ,with many arrest, lasted two months but not much changed after that. Many women were facing the very same conditions as before the strike but the mind of society was not the same. However, the strike was a huge step forward in the fight for better working conditions and finally for women’s rights.

The film shows one of many segments of immigrant’s experiences in Progressive era where the spirit of justice had to find the path very often through the turbulence in order to shake the system.

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