Tuesday, 13 December 2011

fast food nation

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America and The World Globalization of Fast Food

Globalization is a term that can be given a wide variety of meanings. Most of the time, it describes America’s spreading to the world. Globalization has been a huge help for America’s economy and growth. This is what has made America the stand out from other countries. America is everywhere. This has made the world accept it, often with disputes, often with excitement. However, American globalization has become irreversible. Globalization has spread in countless ways that it can’t be denied, nor can it be taken out from a society. Globalization involves information and culture; the spread of television, computerized machines, Internet, food and many other costumes are things that have made American globalization be part of the history and/or revolution of many cultures. But even though globalization has involved all or more things listed above, fast food itself has revolutionized how the society thinks and how the society accepts American’s spreading to the world. Indeed, fast food has been a way of Americanizing the world, making society eat the same fast food with the same taste in every country. This is what we refer as McWorld, the world of fast food.

Americanizing a third-world country like El Salvador, Chile or Argentina often means that it will make the country better. America has made fast food a very popular thing to eat. The 50’s, as soon as the first fast food restaurants were built, they became the weekly stop for many teenage boys and girls as well as families that were looking for restaurant food without paying a whole paycheck on it. Fast food was a cheap way of getting quality food. As the years passed, fast food was on the top list for teenagers and middle class families across the country. Fast food had conquered America, and then it was time to conquer the world for future growth. Opening four McDonald’s overseas, mainly in developing countries brought United States a new way of increasing the economy. It also brought these countries thousands of jobs to workers in need and it eventually fixed the economy a little. This is why it is often thought that “Americanizing” and country means “fixing” the country, and that’s completely right.


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