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Within the past few years, humanity has seen its fair share of heros. Everyday the men and women who risk their lives to protect and serve the people of their community can be labeled as heros.

These are the type of people who try to make the world a better place for us to live in, and in my eyes that makes them a hero.

Firefighters have a long history of being heros, for they must run into burning buildings and try to save the people trapped inside. September 11, 001 two planes hit the Twin Towers in New York

City. Fireman immediately rushed to the scene and found them selves caught in a nightmare. Even though the towers were burning and unstable, the fireman of New York rushed inside to try and save the lives

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of those men and women trapped inside. As they rushed to save the people inside the towers began to crumble. Three-hundred firefighters died trying to save the thousands inside. Battered and bruised

physically and emotionally the fireman of New York pushed on. Scrambling to the fallen towers teams worked around the clock to find the lives of others engulfed in rubble and ash.

Young soldiers, are sent to a foreign land to fight and possibly die for their country in order to rid the world and especially Iraqs suffering people from a cruel dictator named Sudam Hussein.

March 1, 00 the war on Iraq began. Soldiers willingly went into battle knowing very well that their lives could end that day. Fighting bravely and with their friends dieing at their

side, the men still pressed on. The soldiers advanced quickly to the nations capital of Baghdad. When the arrived people rejoiced and praised them men for coming, beating signs of Sudam and celebrating

that the tyrany was finally over. With a breathe of relief and happiness the people could now speak freely about the government without beeing killed. It took the lives of many, but to all those that did die, they

will be remembered as the heros.

Heros are everywhere in todays society. The men and women who risk their own lives in order to save another, can always qualify them as a hero. Some people say that young people have no

role models to look up to. They couldnt be more wrong. I look around and see heros everyday.

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