Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hedda Gabler

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Hedda GablerI am a unique, cultured, self-assured, compassionate, and impassioned individual. I have learned to reach for the stars. I posses many qualities that have earned me the respect and admiration of my peers and educators. Throughout my High School experience I have gained many assets, and attributes. I have attained numerous characteristics and qualities that I feel would contribute to the University of Florida.

I know that I am a natural born leader. People tend to look up to me. They know I am dedicated to whatever I commit to, and will put my best foot forward. Throughout the many leadership positions I have held I fine that people want to see confidence. They want a person who isnt afraid of speaking their mind in an intelligent manor. Being aware of this I decided to get involved in Student Government. Besides fighting for the concerns of students I wanted to help get rid of the negative preconceptions of my primarily African-American High School. Although we are a F school learning does take place, and we hold education in high regard. One particular initiative that I instituted when I was the Junior Class President was to get the class involved in fundraising for the senior prom and our senior year. It helped us raise the necessary funds to have a not as stressful senior year. Another organization that shaped my leadership skills is the World Renown Jones High School Concert Choir.

Being a member of the Jones High School Concert Choir gave me an opportunity to enrich myself creatively and expand my cultural arena. By visiting palaces search as Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia, South Dakota (Mount Rushmore) and Washington D.C. I’ve been an Alto Section leader since 10th grade. This position allowed me to develop my artistic integrity and taught me to appreciate music and life.

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Don’t be apart of the problem, be apart of the solution. My mother tells me that all the time. That is why I am eager to participate in being apart of the legacy of the great University of Florida. I find that minorities are hesitant in choosing the university to further their education. I also had the some concerns prior to my visit. Listening to many other minorities speak on how the university was beneficial to them help change my opinion. If blessed to continue my education at the University of Florida I would like to get involved in the Black Student Government and other minority groups on campus, to attract more minorities. As well as getting involved in Student Government to speak out on the concerns of all students. I feel I am allowed the chance to pursue other endeavors at the University of Florida. It will be a great stepping-stone for my assured success as a lawyer. The university has a great J.D. program that I feel encompasses the goals that I have set for myself.

I believe education isnt a luxury, but a NECESSITY. With out a high school diploma you cant even get a decent job. In order to make my mark on society, being educated is my top priority. The attributes that I have already attained throughout my secondary education will be amplified by my enrollment at the University of Florida. This is why I feel that your collegiate institution is the only school that will satisfy my educational yearnings.

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