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ecotourist activities-

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Snorkelling is an activity that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people of all ages and genders. It is an activity that can be done in a large number of different places along the coast line of Queensland and a majority of the world. In this task I will be evaluating Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef as an Ecotourism activity.

Scuba diving comprehensively covers the three areas of Education, Sustainability and being Nature Based and is a true Ecotourist activity. I will now elucidate in how it covers these three sections.


In the educative arena, Scuba diving has a subtle however obvious educational context. Engaging in the task, you are gathering knowledge of your surroundings, as well as knowledge of underwater life. It depends however on the dive site in which you are exploring. For example, if you were to dive into a navy shipwreck, it may give you some insight into how the ship was designed and why it eventually sunk, or if you were to dive in a reef, you may get a chance to observe the marine life, which inhabits the reef.

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Scuba diving is a sustainable activity, as long as it has regulations and guidelines. It is necessary to preserve the dive areas as future generations, may want to one day be able to experience the same activities with the same quality in which we enjoyed them. For diving on the Great Barrier Reef to be sustainable, we need to make sure that nobody damages the marine life or alters it in any way and that nobody leaves any rubbish or vandalises the site.

Nature Based

It is quite obviously nature based, in the sense that it allows you to blend in and observe the surroundings of marine life. It is mainly set in the water surrounding coast lines and performed in coral reefs, allowing you to study the marvel of nature and what it can create.

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