Thursday, 29 December 2011

management introduction

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Characteristic of children

The characteristic of children that lead to violence are made of the human selfishness, opportunism nature and the outside effects. When students are frustrated, angry, in some pain and not getting everything they want, they feel like victims. They wont think about others. They’ll just try to get their anger out in a violence act. Relatively “the process of intimidating or mistreating someone weaker or in a more vulnerable situation” is called bullying. Bullying in schools can appear in many forms such as name calling, put-downs, cruel teasing, taking or damaging things, hitting or kicking other students. Serious school violence starts with seemingly innocent bullying or putdowns that eventually changes into violent acts involving guns or knives. The lack of respect for another person’s human rights, disorders, and physical size are some of the reasons of bullying. For instant, boys who are physically bigger or stronger than their peers of the same age are more likely to become bullies since they feel that they are powerful and no one can hurt them. Moreover “some adolescent boys in US high schools use aggressive and violent behavior to increase their status in boys’ peer groups and appear attractive to girls at an age when heterosexual relations are begging to become important”6. On the other hand children who face abuse, see another member of the family being abused or spend a lot of time watching violent programs on TV are most likely to have violence behaviors. This is because their brain development has been affected. Bad experiences during a child’s development can actually alter brain chemistry. The impact of altered brain chemistry may be reflected in an episode of violent behavior.

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