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Public Speaking Air Evac

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Public Speaking Presentation

Michael S Johnson

It took a few days to think of a subject to teach my fellow nurses and medical technicians. I had to think of something that would involve everyone in the class, and keep their attention. I knew if I did a class on something like needling a chest, or drawing an ABG one third of the class would have said, “been there done that a million times already!” I was getting desperate. There had to be something that would hold interest and not be something they all have heard before. That’s when it hit me. I could do a class on the history of air evac. That is why we are all here anyway, so why not do the obvious?

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I did my presentation July 14, 00 at 70 p.m. I chose that time because I could get the most people in to listen. The age group ranged from to 46 years of age. I had both nurses and medical technicians there. 11 people attended. The whole presentation lasted minuets.

I used the Internet to research as much of the topic I could. I was looking for things no one has been taught. Such as the first use of air evac was during the1870 Franco Prussian War. 160 patients were carried out of a besieged Paris via observation balloons. (Falkenheimer 001). We also learned the first flight nurse was Miss Inez Keller in 16. (Falkenheimer 001). I ran through the years highlighting the major factors leading up to modern air evac.

I am always nervous giving any class, and was very nervous as I knew everyone very well, and if I choked up, I would not hear the end of it for years to come.

To alleviate the pre speech jitters I made up cue cards on -5 stock, and wrote the years and highlights in bold ink followed by brief facts. I also numbered the cards should I drop them. I practiced in front of a full-length mirror 5 times, and took note of hand gestures. Making good eye contact is must, so I focused of different areas of the room as though they were faces as I went over key facts. After 5 times, I was ready.

Some strategies I will use in the future are practicing in front of a mirror or a camcorder. I wore my flight suite to look the part, and I think subconsciously it worked for myself as well as the audience. The note card format worked very well for me and I will always try to utilize that format in the future.

In conclusion, the presentation went very well. Both the class and myself learned a lot of facts and trivia about our job. I felt calm doing a class in public this time. Now I will have to work on larger group sizes to increase my comfort level.


Falkenheimer, COL. (001). AirEvac history. Retrieved July 10, 00, from http// wwwsam.brooks.af.mil/web/ram/airevac/aerevac.htm

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