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Education is overrated

Most children these days believe that education is overrated. To me I believe that you do need an education but there are some other cases that you don’t necessarily need to complete one. You really need a good education like VCE, TAFE or University to be successful and get a good job in life. Unless you don’t have big hopes for the future then you don’t really need a good education, although it is handy in case you change your mind.

If you complete your VCE then that basically sets you up for life as if you want to change your profession, then you will have the knowledge and skills to do something else. If you attempt to complete your VCE and want to become a hairdresser and you don’t like the work, you might want to become a clothes designer, then at least you will have your VCE to back you up. Even if you are an electrician and want to become a biologist, then you can go to TAFE and learn the basic skills on how to become one.

There are some cases that you don’t need a good education. One example is when you do grow up, you probably wont use all the information you learn, so to some people it is pointless staying at school once you have learnt the basics. An example is if you want to become a hairdresser, well you don’t need to know that Edmund Barton was Australia’s first Prime Minister, you only need to know measurements, how to run a cash register etc.

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Once you have a good education then if you have children who have trouble with homework, then you will have the knowledge and skills to be able to help and teach them. If you don’t complete your education then your children wont look for you for help which makes you feel you’re a bad parent. Another example is that if you are helping out a friend and it isn’t like your profession, then with a good education you will have some basic knowledge of what is required to help your friend.

To get through life you need a good education so it will set you up. Although you don’t need to know everything specifically, you only need a good grounding of knowledge and skill to make your way in the world.

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