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When you decide to go camping you can’t use any type of tent because there are different tents for different temperatures and the same applies when dealing with sleeping bags. When you decide to go camping make sure you ask yourself some questions; how long are you staying? Where are you camping? What are you planning to do and what is the temperature going to be like? Packing for a camping trip is not as easy as it looks. All these questions deal with the type of sleeping gear and tents you could bring.

There is a variety when dealing with buying a new tent. You can buy; three-season, four-season, two-person, four-person or even a 5-8 person tent. Then you can get different styles and shapes such as frame, hoop, dome, and freestanding. You can protect yourself with tarps, rain flys and all manner of bivvy sacks. When you look at everyone that decides to go camping they often bring all the same type tent. Even though there are so many tents to choose from remember to always choose a tent that is right for you. Choose a tent that is warm and comfortable.

When you look at a dome tent, it sometimes only meant for only two people. In this case you shouldn’t bring this tent camping if there are 4 people. This provides minimal sleeping space. This works the same as if you were to buy a three-season or four-season tent. When purchasing a tent as yourself; would you want to spend two days in this tent?

Choosing the right tent depends on who are you camping with, what does the temperature say, when are you going, where are you going to camp, and how often do you want to use this tent. If there is a lot of people going on your camping trip then try to find a tent that will be comfortable for everyone. If you’re planning to go camping, decide if your going to go somewhere like a dessert, or if it is a climate where it rains every other day. Tents are normally 10 degrees warmer in the inside of a tent then the climate on the outside. In the summer time, if you are using a mosquito netting tent then it lets in breeze and lets out you sweat. If you are using a mosquito netting tent in the winter will let in spindrift and snow. If you want to go camping in the winter; a winter tent is worth buying.

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When buys a tent never go for the cheapest one you can find. If you’re a cheap shopper, a properly erected tarp performs better and costs even less. The size of your tent all depends on where you’re going camping and long you plan on staying. When deciding to purchase a tent look to see how it is set up, look and see if the fly covers a good portion of the tent. If there is going to be a storm will you stay warm and comfortable?

Tents are made out of ripstop cotton. This material is strong, light and durable. These types of tents have only one wall and so it has a problem of keeping the water out of your tent. As a result the campers using this tent may find puddles of water after a night sleep.

When you have a double wall construction is where the tent is surrounded by coated fly, this helps solve the venting problem. When using a double wall tent, you will see that the bottom of the tent and a few inches of the lower walls be coated with waterproof nylon. The rest of the inner-walls of this tent are made of nylon or mosquito netting. The inner tent is surrounded by the coated fly. (Meaning the cover of the tent)

Use K-Kote or a similar product to seam-seal all the seams in your tent. This is done by applying to the seams on the outside. You should seal all the seams on the fly and all the seams near the floor of the tent. It takes an hour to dry one coat and two coats are required for maximum waterproofing. Some tents already come with seal-seaming done. This is done in a factory; this makes the tent more expensive due to the cost of labor.

With tents, there are some helpful hints that you should be aware of. Always shake the tent before packing it away. A wet tent can weigh you down and could cause a much heavier backpack, instead air dry the tent so it’s dry when its time to put it away. If the tent is damp when you decide to put your tent back up, the dampness could turn into mildew and will cause the tent to become rotten, shredded and begin to stink. Don’t fold the tent when you put it away because if you fold the tent in the same creases everyday then it will eventually weaken the fabric. If you put your tent in direct sunlight it can weaken the tent fabric and the waterproofing. Finally, you shouldn’t wear your boots or shoes inside the tent because eventually the tent floor will weaken the fabric of the floor.

Freestanding tents are tents that don’t need to be staked down. These tents can go anywhere including the sand, gravel, cement, wood, platforms and snow. An advantage of having a freestanding tent is that if you don’t like the spot where you have decided to put up the tent you can move your tent without taking it down. Even though a tent doesn’t have to be weighed down, you should do so anyway by using your bags as weights.

Before you go on any camping trip; set up your tent before so that you are familiar with setting it up, and also to make sure that all the pieces to the tent are there. Upon arriving at your site you should inspect that there isn’t any sharp objects so it won’t puncture or tare the tent when you set it up. If there is any objects clean the area and make sure that the ground is dry. During the night moisture will gather and may leak through your tent; to prevent this put a plastic sheet underneath your tent so the moisture won’t go through your tent. When putting up your tent, lay your tent on top of the plastic sheet so that your top of the tent is facing the sky. Take all of the poles and put them through the holes of the tent. The poles should go through the fabric of the tent. With one person holding one end of the tent and yourself holding up the other lift the poles that you start to see the height of the tent. Put in the poles in the holes located where the pegs are supposed to go. Use pegs on the ground that will hold securely. On hard ground, rock or snow try using heavy objects to secure the tent.

When your trip has finished you should take out the poles from the holes in the ground and take out the pegs. With help lift the tent and place it carefully on the ground, take out the poles and put them away. When your about to leave the campsite, clean up.

Picking the sleeping bag depends on two things your size and temperature. When you consider you size you shouldn’t choose a bag longer then six inches then your height, yet wide enough to turn around in. Sleeping bags are designed to keep heat in but your body heats the bag so if you’re using a large bag then you won’t stay as warm. Sleeping bags come with temperature ratings. Use a low nighttime temperature for the bag you’re sleeping in. A lower sleeping bag then what you need will cause you to be too warm.

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