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The Roots of Greatness

Napoleon had very average beginnings. He grew up in Corsica with his mother. His mother was very influential in the beginning of his life, making him believe that he could do anything. He was fascinated by the idea of being a soldier. Napoleon had a brilliant mind and incredible leadership capabilities. His Napoleonic Code is proof of his democratic genius. Such as when he said, “My real glory was not in battle . . . but my Code will live on forever.” This shows that he knows the importance of his democratic ideas and not just his wins in battle. His mind was not only on war. When Napoleon made his Code, he made himself a hero of democracy, and mot just another ruthless war monger.

The Napoleonic Code was the essential outline to Napoleon’s greatness. This Code unified French law and became a model for legal systems. It was a combination of the Old Regime and new revolutionary ideas. The Code provided freedom of speech and worship. This helped make France better and created more tolerance throughout the country. It was the first set of laws to create a trial by jury. It is in this law that Napoleon revolutionizes the rights of a citizen, even “criminals”. He also made the freedom to choose your job. Here he makes even more of a great democracy with a person’s required free liberties. This new Code of laws was so great; it even influenced the U.S. system. It was able to give freedom and a feeling of self-respected liberty to the people of France and everyone it influenced.

Napoleon was a spectacular leader who made good choices for the change of France. Napoleon was not a total “war-hungry” man; he just did the job he needed to. Sometimes it may have involved much sacrifice, bit he did it for the well-being of France. He was a hero for the countries he conquered. He gave them a better government, and a great mew set of personal freedoms and liberties. Napoleon was able to constantly change the boundaries of France in his triumphant march across Europe. He also accomplished the great task of creating a national education system. This shows his greatness in his effort to make a better future France and the people of it. Napoleon was truly, “a soldier of the revolution,” as he said. He showed his great confidence and resilience by being able to create political and social stability for France. This calmness, strength, and stability is exactly what France needed.

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Most leaders possess the ability to attain loyal subjects and people who will stand by them forever, and Napoleon was one of those leaders. This is prominently demonstrated in Napoleon’s masterfully orchestrated escape from Elba (The Hundred Days). He returned from his exile on Elba in March 1815. When he first landed he had very few men who would follow him. As he pushed toward France though he gained more and more followers and his old soldiers joined him. Eventually, Napoleon was eagerly welcomed back by the people of France. These actions show Napoleon’s obvious greatness for the leading of the French people. He was able to lead the people so well, that they welcomed him back even after he had been exiled for a hideous battle loss. This even further proves my point that it is not the battles or wins that make the man, it is the ideas and legacy that he leaves behind. Napoleon’s ideas and thoughts of government were so well revered, that people welcomed him in his time of misfortune. Just look at how the soldiers that were sent to stop him and detain him, ended up joining and following him to Paris. Napoleon was so well respected and honored by his soldiers that they would join him, even if it meant defying orders on his glorious march back into Paris.

Napoleon showed many different signs of a great mind and genius capabilities. Through Lawrence Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development, Napoleon can be placed high on this scale. He would most fittingly be placed at Stage 5 The social-contract legalistic orientation. One of Napoleon’s biggest and most influential decisions was to create and institute the Napoleonic Code. This fits into Stage 5 because it says actions are defined by general individual rights that have been agreed upon by the whole society. Well, France welcomed the Code of it brought personal rights and liberties to them. Stage 5 of moral development also clearly states that aside from what is democratically and constitutionally agreed upon, the action is a matter of personal values and opinions. Not only was the Code Napoleon based on all of Napoleon’s own ideas and opinions, it was accepted by the society of France. This shows Napoleon’s morality was highly developed and was one of the many things that contributed to his great democratic ideas.

Napoleon’s ideas and changes are ones that changed government and personal liberties forever. His excellence as a leader and brilliant ideas are those that are unparalleled. By creating such stability in France he gave his people a new feeling of self liberty and freedom. His democratic genius shaped our thoughts and feelings of personal rights. His Code made ideas that were great enough to live on through government still today. Napoleon was truly, a hero of democracy.

“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” (Napoleon)

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