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“The Excellence of a Kingdom that Lives Forever”

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The legend of King Arthur has brought a very huge impact in our society. Its greatness will certainly live forever in every people’s hearts. Although many good values may be derived from the Arthurian legend, there is one thing that I really admired the most�and that is the magnificent superiority of the Kingdom of Camelot which gained them the kind of respect that no one can ever take away.

From King Arthur down to his knights, their attitudes toward leadership have made an outstanding mark towards good governance. King Arthur, with the help of his knights expelled foreigners from Britain�preventing them to penetrate through the country’s borders for possible invasions and therefore, brought an everlasting peace to the country.

They have established a kingdom based on the dominion of justice, law, and morality. This has been further manifested through the order known as the Knights of The Round Table. Even more than that, the value of equality has been really emphasized in this order. Here, no man is greater than another that’s why the Round Table’s shape ensured that all who sat around it interacted as equals.

They also exercised strictly the order of chivalry, which includes religious piety and refined social graces and manners. It also included the influences of Christianity and courtly love. The knights were expected to treat their fellow knights and social inferiors with respect and kindness. The knights were seen as men of honor, principles, courage, courtesy and dignity. These people are given such a great respect from the people. They are responsible for saving ladies, children and damsels readily when needed. The knights also followed the code of chivalry firmly, which helped them attain the kind of image that a good knight should be.

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King Arthur and his knights are really willing to sacrifice themselves�their whole lives for the love of their country and for the glory of its people. They never really took advantage of the power and privileges that they have and with this, it contributed greatly for the country to see them with great respect, trust, and honor.

In our present day society, we are all aware that our world has been chaotic�lacking peace and order, full of war and hatred. Even our leaders become so attached to their powers to the point of taking advantage of their privileges. It seems that they are not really putting their work deep down in their hearts and they don’t have enough compassion and perseverance to govern their constituents well. This is a great contradiction as to what the Kingdom of Camelot has shown regarding good leadership and direction. In this kingdom, everything is nearly if not perfectly great. From their king down to their officials, they have been putting their responsibilities sincerely in their hearts with enough compassion and confidence. In return, they won the trust and respect of the people in their land. However, with the kind of image that our present government is displaying, it shows that they have a lot of things to work on. In comparison with the kingdom of King Arthur, our present government is way, way back to equal the achievements that Camelot earned. How I wish that another Arthur would be born again to save the earth.

Some people believe that King Arthur and his knights really existed in history but some people categorize it as a mere legend�created by someone and the events never really happened in real life. But whatever happens, I firmly believe that the legend of King Arthur, whether it is real or not, will have a timeless power which will, in one way or another, conquer the hearts of every person who will come to know its greatness and beauty. I also believe that the Arthurian spirit will live forever in the people’s hearts until the end of time.

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