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An event that influenced me

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Ever since I was a child, I always found shelter in my grandparents’ house whenever I had to face difficult situations.Actually, that was the place I decided to live in when I started to go to school.My grandparents were wonderful people and I got attached to them, especially to my grandpa who was indeed a unique person.He had that strong will to teach his granddaughter all kinds of pragmatic things, to tell me many of his experiences so that I could learn something from his mistakes.I became kind of dependant on his advice whenever I had an obstacle to overcome.

Before going to school, due to my grandpa, I learned the whole alphabet and the numbers.We used to have long hours of studying together the letters I don’t know where he got that patience from; not even parents, bother to teach their children useful things considering that this is the teacher’s job, not theirs.So that when I entered school, it was very easy for me, knowing to read and write already.But this was not all, grandpa continued to teach me in advance different things and whenever I needed help, he was there for me.Advising was part of everyday’s life talking with him was not as a usual conversation, but my attention was totally captured by what he was telling me.Now, if I look back, I realize that he shared with me all his lifetime experience.

I must admit that he helped me a lot throughout the school he was not only my grandpa, but he was also my friend.I remember when we used to walk in the park and we had “our bench” where we stayed and talked for hours.Then we used to ride the bike together, he was the one who encouraged me to start riding the bike, when I was so scared not to fall down.from the saddle.

His taking me under his wing, was something very common for me.I thought that all my friends had such good advisors, but I never asked one if this was true.I just thought that having a person who could give you a helping hand and whom you could ask advice whenever you needed was something natural.But I found out the contrary only after he died unexpectedly a year ago.

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His death was a real loss for me as I was not anymore that girl who would run immediately to someone when I encountered an obstacle. I had no one to turn to and to ask for a piece of advice.At the beginning, I felt distraught, I felt so isolated and helpless that there were moments I just started to cry, thinking of my grandpa.I felt that I lost my guardian, my protector, as if all the world fell to pieces.But then I had a moment of consciousness and I realized that from now on I had to be on my own, to take decisions without consulting with anyone, to manage everything by myself.

And I must say that I succeeded in self-help as my being here is the result of my own efforts there was no grandpa’s advice anymore, there was no place for refuge in someone’s soul.The decision of applying to this university was a turning point in my character .I realized that being grandpa’s little girl was something I couldn’t have from now on.So, I decided to become an independent person. And here I am nowliving all by myself in a foreign country, attending courses at an American university, even deciding the path for my future career.

As a conclusion , I would say that this tragical event taught me what independence meant, influencing my entire character.If before his death, I used to rely on his advice and help, never doing anything without consulting him, now I have to be self-reliant which is what I actually became.

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