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Quotes- " Conformity is the disease, Rebellion is the cure."

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“Conformity is the disease. Rebellion is the cure.” ( Anonymous)

This quote could not be farther from the truth. I completely disagree with this anonymous poet. No medical doctor has ever diagnosed someone with conformity, and therefore it is deductive logic that there cannot possibly be a cure for a non-existent illness.

Conformity though many things isn’t a disease at all. A disease by definition is a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific symptoms. There are no symptoms of “conformity” so how would one be diagnosed with this severe sickness. To say you are ill with conformity disease would be an oxymoron being that conformity would be orderly, and in compliance with structure, and a disease is disorder of structure. So in all reality you would be well and feeling fine. When’s the last time someone you know had conformity? No one that’s who. Do a certain group of people have a greater chance of catching this seemingly awful un-disorderly disorder? Old ladies aren’t at risk, children, college students, mothers, son’s none are at risk of catching conformity. Next your going to tell me its not contagious. Well then why need a cure, if it won’t spread past the people who don’t have it. Why call it a disease , if it isn’t at all? Cancer, Cow pox, Cystic fibrosis, Cholera, Color blindness, Cleft pallet now these are diseases. There are million’s of people all over the world suffering from them and many others. I’m sure they could write pages about their REAL crippling sicknesses, but they don’t. Instead readers are stuck with this anonymous and frustratingly annoying person who believes their disease is more important than other truly suffering souls, who are truly sick, and who have been diagnosed because they showed symptoms of their disease.

On a personal note and hypothetically speaking of course, if the owner of this obnoxious quote really had discovered a new and rare disease, why would he remain anonymous? I know, a great discovery on my part, would be read about in the latest science journal. I would even change the name so that I could profit from it and become famous, as the discoverer of the horrid disease conformity, or Kari-Conformity as it would commonly be known. Then to have the cure. Whoa! The amount of money I could make from this is even more mind blowing than the scenario itself.. I would bottle rebellion, and sell it by the cases to the millions of people sick with Kari-Conformity. I would make a killing. So suggesting that I agreed with this quote, which I’m not, and proposing Conformity is a real world illness, and rebellion being the only cure, which I’m not, where is the person responsible for this astonishing discovery which marvels modern day scientists? He’s nowhere to be found that’s where! Now who in their right mind wouldn’t claim such a miraculous feat. That is why I cannot agree with this quote.

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Actually, now that I think of it, I change my mind how can I disagree with something no one, including myself has ever heard of. The person who said this obviously has never had this disease, because it doesn’t exist. I simply can’t argue a theory that is arbitrarily out of this world, and that would boggle even the most worldly and learned medical practitioner. The task I have been assigned is utterly impossible. I cannot, even though I would like to, disagree with this quote of

“Conformity” being “the disease,” and “rebellion its cure,” because there is no such disease.

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