Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Summer Days

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Hmmm… well let’s start this shit off with some bios… Of course all of these kids have just graduated from high school, and they’re looking for something to do over the summer. A relatively delusional kid, his purpose is currently fogged with unattainable dreams and a complete disgust with CU, the in-state college he will be attending next year. He’s a smart kid, who knows math well but hates to be accredited as the math wizard. He has no job, though his friends do, and he spends his time mowing lawns and playing way too much tennis and basketball, though his head stand a whopping 67 inches from the ground, he thinks he’ll be able to dunk the basketball someday.


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Mike’s Friend

A shy kid who is pretty much a loser. I don’t see much of a role developing here… but we’ll leave it open.


Mike’s Friend

Mike went to Harvard last year, and now Ashwin’s doing the same thing. There’s a lot to bitch about in Cambridge, but now that he’s left Fort Collins, he feels exonerated from the mother fuckers that swarm him daily. Another Indian kid, I guess a good topic of conversation is the fact that all of these mother fuckers are Asian. They are somewhat racist and this is fueled by his friendship with Mike, heh, they only communicate through telephone about school and the fact that people plague the existence of brilliant men such as themselves, funny, too.


The Chick

A weird girl who is pretty much utilitarian for a couple of things. One could be just another friend, and one could be for some sort of romantic involvement with one of the other characters. Ah yes, this is where we get into the concept of a driving force for this plot… I think that suicide has some definite advantages for a script of this magnitude, and a budget of this limitedness…. Suicide can evolve from a multitude of hardships, but if we want to toss in overreacting to simple, teen hormone issues, I think we can involve Mikaela as some sort of objectified struggle between testosterone driven mother fuckers.


Another Friend

She’s more of normal person who pops up for important moments in the life of Mike. Things happen in a certain world, and because frankly I have no other ideas on how to separate Mike’s life into an action and contemplation world, we’re going to use Morgan as a way to do that. I guess I could also write in some sort of diary, but that’s relatively feminine, and there could be personal reflection, but I really want this to be a realistic development of character portrayal. I’m sick of this omnipotent or first person bullshit, what this is going to be is a story, and the director only gives what the audience can see and hear with a video camera. Thus, internal thoughts will be manifested through Morgan primarily… well let’s not give her this niche, but let’s say that we need some way to pull out thoughts… it’ll develop… ok….

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