Thursday, 15 March 2012

Women's suffrage speech

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You all sit there, looking at us, probably thinking what others have said. We’re a bunch of crazy women bent on destroying women’s reputation and giving them a name of a temperamental, violent and high-strung species. But we stand here looking at you, particularly you women, and think you’re weak, you’ll never do more with your lives then become a mrs and have children. Just look at that word mrs, it’s spelt m-r-s, so what doe it really say? Mr’s. So married women don’t even have the right to belong to themselves, they belong to a man, just like everything else they owned until recently. We’re undergoing a revolution, everything’s changing especially the way men treat women. So all you women out there thinking we’ve got a screw loose, we’re not the ones going mad its you, and we’re just your inner voice voicing what women have been thinking and feeling for centuries. We are not going to sit back and let time crawl by us, we want things to change but we’re not going to wait for men to change them for us, we’re going to shape our own history and create a stir for men to talk about, a stir that will make them think that we are not just dolls for them to dress and not just objects to be treated like trash, we have minds and feelings and it’s about time the world realised that.

We are the suffragettes and we will change the system in this male dominated society. Our leader Emiline Pankhurst set us up in 10 for this very purpose. She is a woman of power and with us by her side we will not be defeated.

Our sisters in this cause the suffragists, although we honour the same cause, they are women of the past, inclined for tea parties and talking, but men don’t listen to talking, actions speak louder then words. That’s the route they’ve always taken and so we have only followed in their footsteps, so what right have they to criticise us for that? Actions do speak louder then words, and because of our campaigns we’ve woken the entire nation up to a cause that has been lying restlessly in the back of many people’s minds for ages now.

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