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american history dbq

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Thesis � Although New England and the Chesapeake region were settled largely by people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies.

Document A � As the first governor of the Puritan area, John Winthrop gave his speech

that said they needed a reform in England by working together as a

community and making other peoples conditions their own.

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Document B � The ship’s list of emigrants that were bound for New England were all

from English decent and most people traveled as family’s including

servants and maids.

Document C � The ship’s list of emigrants that were bound for Virginia were mainly men

that were indentured servants. Also they were mainly between the ages of 14 � 50 so there was a lot of age diversity.

Document D � The Articles of Agreement was a document that set out some ground rules

in New England to give everyone an equal and fair shot to start off their new life. This was important because everyone got an equal share of the land so no one had a monopoly.

Document E � The Wage and Price Regulations was important in the Connecticut area

because there were a few monopolies created for certain goods and the

wage and price regulation helped people to not be overcharged for goods.

The document also said it would be a sin of oppression to do so.

Document F � During the journey to Virginia many people ran out of the basic

commodities. The main one was food. People fasted to save their food, but

many died. The reason for this lack of food was because of the

expectations of the new land and the way the people were treated on the

ship. Many men were looking for gold and Captain John Smith supplied

the ship with commodities for this purpose. People tried to over through

Captain John Smith, but he found out their plan and gave them the option

to live or die. One died the other lived.

Document G � Governor Berkley explains their inability to defend Virginia by saying

they have a lack of man to cover the vast area of land. They are leaving

many holes in the defense leave the backside wide open. Also 1/ of the

men are either single or are men in great debt and might be an advantage

to the enemy because of their poor lives. Also the only people left to use

were the servants.

Document H � Bacon’s Manifesto shows the people how the government of Virginia has

been taking advantage of them and how the government has done nothing

to help them with the people’s problems. It also says that other people

around the world would not stand for this and this is why they have to up


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