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The horror of birds

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Aundrea Washington

English 164

February 5, 00

Mrs. Taylor

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The Horror of Birds

I had never seen a huge flock of black birds until I was about eleven or twelve years. I would have to say that was the most horrifying day of my life. I hate black birds and I am very prejudiced of them. At the age of 1 I find it very sad and embarrassing to be terrified and prejudiced against such a creature.

Birds are one of the most harmful creatures on this planet. However, they terrify me. In Dallas, Texas there is a shopping center called Wynwood Shopping Center. Within this center a variety of fashion and entertainment stores are available. This is one reason why I love this area. What girl wouldn’t? There I have cloths, shoes and jewelry; my three best friends. Even though my three best friends are there I dread going to see them after 600 PM . That is the time when the sun goes down and the birds began to come out. Not five or ten bird, but hundreds and hundreds. Black birds flying and chirping every where, swarming high and low without a cause. When put in the mist of birds my body shakes and shivers automatically. I am unable to speak or think straight. It is as if my body goes into a state of shock. I feel like a six year old waiting to be rescued from the big bad wolf. Only I am not be rescued from the big bad wolf, but the big black birds. There is a rush of fear and anxiety that flows through my body repeatedly.

It appears as something you would see in a horror movie. One movie that I am constantly reminded of is The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. This is a movie where Birds take over a small town. Vicious, taunting birds harassing and killing everyone that crosses its path. After watching half of The Birds I had to excuse my self from the movie as my family continued to watch, unaware of why I had excused my self. This was the day that I knew my family would become aware of my shameful fear. How would I explain my hideous fear of birds? My mother soon after the movie asked why I did not finish the movie. In tears and shame I explained to her my dismay. I expected my mom to laugh or tell me that I was too old to be afraid of such creatures. Instead she held me and told me that my secrete was okay with her.

The reaction my mom gave me lifted my spirit and gave me the courage to tell my family that I was afraid of birds. However, their response was the complete opposite. They laughed and teased me all night long, every since that day my family laughs whenever birds cross my path.

The most embarrassing day of my life consist of birds along with a guy that I have known and had a crush on since I was fifteen years old. His name is Anthony Smith. Anthony is twenty years old, and we never had a chance to date because of the obvious age difference. Spring of 00 Anthony and I decided to go out since my age was no longer an issue seeing that I was then 18 years old. I was so excited about this date and expected nothing but wonderful things to come from it.

Finally the night had come. We started the evening off with dinner following a movie. Every thing was going great and neither of us wanted it to end. We decided to go for a walk around White Rock Lake.

I was so caught up and in awe with actually being with the guy who I’ve had a crush on since the third grade that I didn’t think about how birds flew across the lake area throughout the night. Everything was wonderful until out of no where birds started flying around. I couldn’t help my self I started shacking and then I started running, I was so afraid that I was running towards the car with my eyes closed until I ran straight into a tree. I was so embarrassed. Anthony did not know what was going on. It took me a while before I could actually speak and explain what had just happened. Finally I calmed myself and was able to explain to Anthony how I was prejudiced and terrified of birds. Anthony comforted me by assuring me that I was not the only one who was prejudiced against birds. Although Anthony was the perfect gentleman about the situation I could not help thinking of how embarrassed I was.

Many times when we as society automatically think of prejudice as “black and white”, which is common but not exactly true. To have a better grasp of how prejudices function we need to look at how we have learned prejudices. There are many prejudices we learn as children. We do not test these and many times we do not have the opportunity to test them. We learn them as facts and behave as if they are the truth. Then, later in life, when situations come up, we behave automatically out of these earlier prejudices learning’s. This type of learning is not easily accessible for discussion or awareness, but it simply stays with us for later effortless, seemingly automatic application. Since the learning is not tested and not challenged, it is not evaluated and not likely to be changed. Therefore we can only work on bettering ourselves and pray that society will become more aware of the different types of prejudices.

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