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your rights in the workplace

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Your Rights in The Workplace

An organization that most people have heard of, when we get caught in a situation between Employees and Employers is the Kentucky department of Labor relations.

This is an organization that was put in place to help resolve disputes between Employers and Employees. Often Employees may become aware of this organization but are sometimes discouraged to contact them by the Employers. Employers often threaten Employees by means of enforcing the fact that he/ she will lose their job. This is not true

As far as the law is concerned but, many of us know this is generally what action is taken in the workplace. Especially when an Employee seeks outside mediation.

It is generally a good and highly recommended idea that both parties should try to work the problem out with each other first. Opposed to getting mad and jumping to conclusions and pulling outside parties in to resolve the issues. Although this may sound a little hard to do when were caught in this position. The outcome is generally resolved peacefully instead of hastefully. However there instances when the Employer just won’t meet you half way. You have no choice in the matter but to look for outside mediation, which is where the Kentucky department for labor relations will step in to help resolve these issues.

There are many organizations out there in the world to help both Employees and employers to get a better understanding of both parties rights. One that comes to mind is Workplace Solutions. Here is an organization that specializes in training people on how to conduct themselves no matter it be the employer or the employee. This is an organization that is focused on ways to educate people about their rights in the workplace

So that the can successfully work together and achieve each other’s goals.

Another good resource I feel that would help both employers and employees

To get a better standpoint on these issues is an introductory level to the future of business

A book written by Gitman and Mcdaniel . this is a book that thoughly explains both parties rights in the workplace. Here we can find resources that explain many labor laws

That protects each of us. With this knowledge we can both work in harmony.

Unfortunately I have been caught up in this situation and wasn’t really sure what to do. I had an employer who was violating my rights in the workplace as well as my civil rights. This had went on for almost a year and I knew I had to do something about it. My

Employer had payroll deducted 700.00 from my check without my permission or a signed contract between him and I. I was well aware that this was illegal. Not long after I had a family emergency and had to miss a days work. The following day I returned to work and I was called in the office and reprimanded for this action. When I questioned the employer about this I was told to plan for these situations. So I asked how to plan for

For this type of situation and he stated just do it. By this time I was starting to become a little furious so I brought up the payroll deduction issue. As I listened he explained these things sometimes happen, only making me more furious. I politely told him this was not a very good way of doing business and if we couldn’t resolve this issue I would have to seek for outside solutions. He in return told me good luck I have just about everybody in this county in my pocket. Furthermore he stated that if I did there would be repercussions for the actions I might take. But I knew I couldn’t let this go on. So I contacted the department of labor. They in return called me for further details. When I explained they told me the company was a very reputable company and was sure I made a mistake.

So I suggested to them I had proof of the payroll deduction and that the company

Had no means of enforcing the action. The department of labor then asked me for a copy of the pay stub where the money had been deducted so they could begin their investigation. They in return told me if the allegations were true the company would

Have to pay back the money plus interest. Two weeks after the investigation Smith Muffler was informed that they would have to justify the situation by returning the money plus interest. Two days after the judgement I was called into the owners office and dismissed on the grounds I was no longer needed.

Unfortunately because they didn’t have any respect for employee rights or just didn’t know them they found themself in more trouble however, I may have been a winner in the battle for my rights I was still on the losing end of the battle due to I had lost a 5.000 dollar a year job.

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