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1.Give a brief history of the game Australian Rules Football (1/-1page)

July 10- 1858- Tom wills wrote a letter to the magazine Bells which first explain what Football was.

July 1- 1858- A Game of Football was played between Wills and friends in the Richmond paddock. Aug 7, 1858- First game played Scotch College v Melbourne Grammer Wills umpired.

After four or five seasons boundaries were marked with flags and teams began to wear distinctive colours.

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1887- First game played outside Victoria Carlton defeated Sydney club Waratah, six nil

187- Football was allowed on M.C.G, also the first night match was played Melbourne against Carlton.

188- Laws of the Australian Game of Football where adopted.

1858-181- The creation of football began and certain decisions where made to decide the structure of the game

1887-0 players where agreered for each side more where allowed if agreed.

Melbourne 1858- Geelong 185 these where the first two sides which where established.

188- May 17th the V.F.L. was introduced the Victorian Football League, which consisted of eight teams, which broke away from the V.F.A Victorian Football Association. The breakaway started the previous year, which included representatives of six clubs Collingwood, Essendon, Fitzroy, Geelong, Melbourne, and South Melbourne. Carlton and St Kilda were also invited to join their ranks.

Mid 1880s -Something evolved in the experimentation and bravery of handful of players which, in turn, was permitted by rule changes and developments in kicking techniques.

186- Octrd new rules including crossbar on goals, abolition of behinds and no marks under ten yards. Throw- ins to be from ten yards either side of the goals were introduced.

106- Eight teams in were in the V.F.L. Carton, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Essendon, South. Melbourne, St.Kilda, Geelong, Melbourne.

115- The War at the time effected most teams but the University was the first to feel the impact of war, many of there students were members of the University Regiment so they did not have enough players to make up a team. They had to drop out of the V.F.L.

16- Three more teams have joined the VFL- Hawthorn, Footscray, North Melbourne, there are now twelve teams in the VFL at this point of time.

155- 15-yard penalty was introduced against offending players this stops players holding the man. 16- V.F.L- replays were permitted on Saturday nights. 166- Umpires are instructed to cut ball ups penalise the flick pass and give frees when scrimmages delo. 176- two umpires are used for the first time. 17- V.F.L. match played in March For the first time. 180- The match of the day was broadcasted for the first time.

188- May 11- The V.F.L.introduced the 50 metre penality

18- The V.F.L have been encouraging Victorian Clubs to merge. 10- The V.F.L. Victorian Football League is changed to the AFL Australian Football League.

1- A.F.L. approves logos back team jumpers.

14- Feb - In addition to the final eight, the A.F.L. reduces the length of the quarters to 0 minutes plus time added on for stoppages.

17- Justin Charles was the first player ever in the history of football to admit to using a performance inhancing drug and was suspending for sixteen matches.

. Draw a football field and mark on the 18 playing positions for one side.

.Sponsership is a large part of the business of today’s football

a) Define Sponsorship. What is it?

1. One who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation.

. One who vouches for the suitability of a candidate for admission.

. A legislator who proposes and urges adoption of a bill.

4. One who presents a candidate for baptism or confirmation; a godparent.

5. One that finances a project or an event carried out by another person or group, especially a business enterprise that pays for radio or television programming in return for advertising time

b) Research & list the major 00 sponsors for the 6 of the competing teams. AFL LADDER Ladder as at Round

Pos Team P W L D For Agst % Pts

1 Port Adelaide 18 4 0 60 178 1.6 7

Brisbane Lions 17 5 0 50 184 16.7 68

Adelaide 15 7 0 08 007 115.00 60

4 Collingwood 1 0 081 187 10.70 5

5 Essendon 1 1 1 1847 104.8 50

6 Melbourne 1 10 0 4 45 .1 48

7 Kangaroos 1 10 0 41 6 8.77 48

8 West Coast 11 11 0 08 54 7.6 44

c) Describe two benefits of the sponsor

Benefits of having sponsorship in sports are to advertise certain products or issues.

1. Products-Many people see products on the football jersey and on other items. People might buy those items because of their team

. Issues-Many issues are also spread by sponsorship e.g. TAC driving this get through to younger audiences.

d) Is sponsorship a good idea? Why?

Yes & No

Yes because it promotes products and that is good for Australia.

No because some advertisements could be things about alcohol and drugs.

4.The media have an enormous impact on sport

a) What is meant by the media?

Most times media broadcast issues about their players and their health and how it is going to affect their job.

b) List three drawbacks of media coverage of football

1.Other programs cannot be watched if others do not like football.

. Your team might not be on because of low-ticket sales

.It is on two channels {ex pay TV}

c) List three ways in which the media helps football

1. Fights

. Goals/Points

. Things the umpire didn’t see

d) Find newspaper articles about football. One which is sensationalist & one which is just factual

5.Football has written rules but it also has etiquette-an unwritten code of behaviour

a) Give one example of football etiquette

6.As the nature of sport changes and as technology equipment changes to cater the demands of the new competitive environment

a) Research & Discuss the major changes in the style of football boats worn over the past 50 years.



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