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Bill Clinton

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When governor of Arkansas Clinton angered state leaders when he increased automobile license plate fees and challenged powerful timber and utilities interests. His heavy handed leadership style led to his biggest political defeat in 180, when Arkansas voters did not reelect him to a second term as chief executive

The Monica Lewinsky scandal.

In 188 as a result of issues surrounding personal indiscretions with a young woman Monica Lewinsky who was a White House Intern Clinton became only the second president to be impeached by the house of representatives. He was tried by the senate and found not guilty of charges brought against him. He apologized to the nation for his actions.

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Paula Jones case sexual harassment case

Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton in 14 after he was supposed to have “exposed himself” to her in a Little Rock hotel three years before when he was the governor of Arkansas . She was a low level state employee at the time. Of course Bill Clinton denied any allegations of the wrong doing and accused her of being a opportunist when she gave her story to the press. She gained a lot of money and decimated Clintons campaign in 17. It went to court even though Clinton offered to give 700$ to charity but she still said she wanted a apology. The court case was thrown out by the judge before it got to trial, to which Jones appealed. Never before has a presidents sex life come under such scrutiny, and Clinton’s videotaped deposition was the first time a sitting president was interrogated as a defendant in a court case. Allegations of perjury in that deposition was one of the impeachable offences later reported to congress.

Jennifer Flowers scandal in the 1 election campaign

Filed a law suite against Hillary Clinton and two other men during the 1 election campaign

Flowers filed a fourth version of her law suite in February against Clinton. Flowers claimed that she had a 1 year affair with Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. Clinton denied the claim at the time, but later admitted it during the Paula Jones case

Whitewater scandal

President Clinton and his wife had invested in a corporation called “Whitewater development”, and they were later accused of fraud related to that investment. The Clintons were cleared of any wrong doing in to reports prepared by a San Francisco law firm.


Clinton did a lot of good for both the American economy and world affairs, and was seen around the world as a leader of vision and capability. In particular he was seen as the first US President for many years to have a genuine interest in finding peaceful solutions in political trouble spots around the world such as Israel and northern Ireland. It would therefore appear that the sex lives of public figures do not influence their ability to do their job or their standing in the eyes of the public.

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Biography of William J Clinton

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