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Proverbs CH 1

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The Chronicle of Basketball

Have you ever wondered how the game Basketball was started? How

the rules were incorporated? Or maybe youve watched a game and didnt

understand how it is played. Well, I am going to inform you about these

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following topics and much, much, more.

It started in 181. Luther Gulick, the chairman of the physical

education department in Springfeild, Massachusetts, instructed Dr. James

Naismith, a college Physical Education teacher to invent an indoor winter

game to keep the schools athletes in good physical shape. With an ordinary

soccer ball and two peach baskets fastened to the balcony railing on

opposite ends of the gym which was set originally at ten feet high was the standard

for play. The early inventions of the soccer ball and peach baskets soon lead way

for better subsequent tools which would proliferate the play of the game. In 106,

the peach basket was replaced by a metal rim with an open net hanging below

and the soccer ball was replaced with pannels of leather stiched together with

a rubber bladder airway inside which is now known as a Basketball.

Later on Naismith invented thirteen simple rules for Basketball which include

1) The ball may be thrown in any direction

) The ball be batted in any direction

) A Player cannot run with the ball

4) The ball must be held between the hands

5) No shouldering, pushing, tripping, holding, or striking in anyway

6) Striking the ball with the fist is a foul

7) Three consecutive fouls counts as a goal for the opposing team

8) A goal is scored when the ball is thrown or batted into the basket

) The umpire shall be the judge of the men and notify the referee of any foul

10) The referee shall be the judge of the ball and decide when it is in play

11) Time shall be two fifteen minute halves, with five minutes of rest at half

1) When the ball goes out of bounds, it shall be thrown in by first person

touching it

1) The side making the most goals wins

Almost all the rules have been changed and modified to fit an easier and

structured gameplay. Basketball is considered a fast paced game played on a

rectangular court consisting of two teams with five players each. In 110, the

board of Physical Education was trying to make basketball an actual sport

and needed a standard size court to go by. While the deminsions of an

individual basketball court vary, a professional playing area of 4feet long

and 50feet wide is used. The rim is 10feet from the ground and a backboard

introduced in 10, is 4 by 6feet. Field goals can be worth one, two, or three,

points. One point is earned by a free throw which is rewarded when the

opposing team is charged with a foul while a player is in the act of shooting,

or when the opposing team is charged with five or more fouls in one period.

The standard professional foul line is ussually 1feet from the basket. Two

points is rewarded when a team successfully scores a field goal within a

feet radius and three points is awarded when a field is scored outside a

feet radius. The actual basketball needed to score is 0inches in circumfrence

and ounces.

The NBA(National Basketball Association) is the Major professional

basketball competition in the world. In 146, Naismiths invention was taking

a step in a newer and bigger direction. The CBA(continental basketball

association) was actually the first leauge in the United States. It included

twelve teams in two conferences with players, referees, and coaches, which

possesed top eminent skills, understand, and wisdom of the game.The ABA

(American Basketball Association) owned four very successful teams and

merged with the CBA to make the NBA in 176. The first teams in the ABA

were; The San Antonio Spurs, New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, and Indiana


Integration in the past played a big role in what now is the future in

the NBA. In 150, Earl Lloyd became the first African American to play in an

NBA game. Lloyd led West Virginia State to two conference championships

and was drafted by the Washington Capitols in 150. His big step led the

way for others such as Bill Russell, which was the first African American

coach in The NBA.

In Conclusion, I have informed you about the chronicle of basketball.

First, I told about its creation, second, the rules, and finally, its outcome.

Basketball is one of the nations most popular sports and also helps bring the

world in unity through the olympics. It has also shown its entertainment

quality by being one of the highest paid professional sports occupations in

America. I hope you have been well informed about Basketball, and I

encourage you to take it to the court!

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