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Work experience relating to Krahn and Lowe’s concepts

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There are many jobs that students can find, some being more rewarding than others. What makes jobs more rewarding? There are many aspects that lead to job satisfaction that are recognized by Krahn and Lowe in “”Work, Industry and Canadian Society”. Although there are many things that make for high employee morale, six in particular will be discussed.

In the summer of 00, I was employed with a government position at the Bluewater Bridge Authority in Sarnia. This job was a very rewarding job for me in the values that I obtained. My position was a teller at the Currency Exchange dept. of the Bluewater Bridge. The strictness and high volume of customers made me a more persistent and high quality worker. There were many aspects though, of the job, which led to dissatisfaction and my mindset leaning to disinterest in the job.

Age, in the workplace, can have a big impact in job satisfaction. At the Bridge, most of my coworkers were much older than me. There were only four students, and the other ten to fifteen employees were at an approximate age of 40. I agree with Krahn and Lowe, that older workers have a higher job satisfaction. Many of student workers, including myself, were very reluctant to come to work and did not enjoy early hour shifts as well as much more complaints about working than the elders. The aging effect was definitely apparent as the elders would state phrases like “It’s boring, but you will get use to it.” These workers have become more accepting of this tedious work, due to time and age. From my experience the age frame is different that what Krahn and Lowe stated. I feel satisfaction is lower among teens and early twenties, and higher among 5+ year olds.

Gender is another factor that affects satisfaction in the workplace. Satisfaction from ones gender can go both ways. At the Bridge, my workplace was predominately female, where I and one other worker were male. This type of job is different from the ordinary but did give me some insight with some segments of gender satisfaction. The position we all had at the Bridge was not a high paying or rewarding job, yet the female workers were very satisfied with the position they had. If I were of that age I would have no satisfaction with that job. The pay and reward were small for a middle aged adult worker. Though this I believe women do appreciate lower paying jobs than men do.

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Educational attainment is one of the biggest factors in my opinion of satisfaction. Education is one of the greatest determents of what kind of job one can obtain. At my job, the wage I received was $11 an hour. For a student job this is a good pay. Students can hardly earn more that this amount because of lack of education. A job that had the same pay and employed an elder university graduate would not be satisfying. For myself, this type of job was a satisfying one. There are many people have a hard time finding good employment. One with high credentials sometimes can only find a sub par job. This can be very frustrating and dissatisfying, as the employee is qualified for a much higher pay and position.

High work reward and orientations usually lead to higher morale and satisfaction. At my summer job, there were slight rewards and orientation was very good. Although not much physical reward was present, there was much praise reward by management. This led to more satisfaction as one feels better about him or her self. Our work environment was very clean and high in every hygiene factor. This leads to a better attitude as the workplace has a fresh atmosphere and a professional look. These aspects have a luxurious feeling. On top of being simply satisfied, when these are high, you feel good about yourself and have a very high satisfaction.

Although employee relations can be considered part of work orientation, I feel it is significant enough to be discussed as separate important concept. What made my job, as well as many others, most enjoyable were employee relations. It is hard to work with fellow employees when a good relationship is not present. Many jobs, with mine included, have much interactions with employees. There has to be cooperation, and good relationships, to have an effective morale. This can drastically affect performance. When the employees are more satisfied with one another, they enjoy working. This leads to more effective work where in turn output is higher. Not only are these relationships satisfying for the worker, but are very satisfying and stressed by good management. Most good management will have programs or stress the importance of “getting along” with co-workers because they know that the outcome will be of better quality and more work.

These concepts have a high importance when relating the workforce and job satisfaction. The more attention that is paid to these will result in higher employee satisfaction and work, as well as happier management. Good management should take these concepts into consideration and there will be a happier workforce.

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