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The second skill that I chose to help me achieve my goal is Paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is restating a speaker’s thoughts/ and or feelings in the listener’s own words. Paraphrasing is basically restating what the person you are talking to said, so that you can check for accurate comprehension. This is also known as the empathic response. An example would be, you feel discouraged because you have two tests this week, and you believe there is not enough time for you to study as much as you would like to.

Since I live in a dorm with three other girls I have decided to use my skill paraphrasing with my roommates. As I walked into my dorm I noticed my roommate Jennifer sitting at her computer with a sad look on her face. After hanging my book bag up, I approached her and said, Jennifer what is wrong, you seem to look a little upset. Jennifer turned toward me with a melancholy face and said, yeah Melissa, I am a little upset, I studied so hard from my Economics test and I got a D on it. I looked at her with a puppy dog face and said, I understand, you are upset because you tried so hard to do well on that test and you got a D. She said yes, I am doing so bad this quarter. It is just so hard, I do not think that I am going to do very well, and I do not want my grade point average to drop. My parents are going to kill me if I do not bring my grades up. I replied and said, it is ok Jennifer, I have been in your situation as well. Last quarter it seemed as if I never had enough time for studying. I was trying so hard, and I just did not seem to get the grades that I wanted. She looked at me and said, what should I do. I replied and said, just do the best that you can do. If you know that you are trying your very hardest, than your parents can not be upset with you. Plus, you will know that you did your best, and you should be happy with yourself. I gave her a hug and told her that if she ever needed help with anything that I would help her out. When we let go I gave her a smile, and she returned with one as well.

I felt excited before I used this skill development because I has hoping to cheer Jennifer up, and I got to try my paraphrasing. I felt sympathetic while I used the skill because I was helping Jennifer cheer up and talk about the situation. I felt successful after I used the skill because I completed my task. I helped Jennifer brighten up, and I got to use my skill development. I was also excited after I used this task because I knew that I was one more step closer to achieving my goal.

On a scale from one to ten, I would rate myself a 7 for using this skill. The reason that I choose a seven is the reason that I could have been more sympathetic and probably helped her out a little more. After I was done talking to Jennifer I walked over to my desk. I believe that if I would have got her homework out and helped her with it on the spot, my paraphrasing would have been more credible. The reason that I did not rate myself lower is the reason being that I was sympathetic to Jennifer’s feelings, and I believe that I paraphrased well.

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I believe that this skill did work well for me. My goal was to help Jennifer not be upset, by using paraphrasing. I ended up cheering Jennifer up a little bit, and I got to use my skill. In other hands, I accomplished my goal.

I definitely plan to use this goal in the future. I believe that it helps to comfort others when they are upset, and others think that you are being sincere. The people whom I plan to use this skill on, is anyone that I come in contact with, that I believe paraphrasing will help out the conversation.

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