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Nazi Attitudes Towards Women

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Aims of Nazis

Nazi wanted women to

· Not go to work (until 17 when they were encouraged to)

· Have certain looks � be blonde, heavy-hipped, athletic, wear no make-up, wear a full skirt and flat shoes.

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· Cook a certain way � always use left-overs (they were supposed to prepare a stew once a month on Sunday that used all the left-overs in the house)

· Behave a certain way � not smoke.

· Bring up their children as loyal Nazis and members of the Hitler Youth and bring population back up to the levels of 100 ( million live births).

· To bear only have racially pure Aryan children

Nazi Policies

· ‘Honour cross of the German Mother’ introduced 8 children = gold

6 children = silver

4 children = bronze

· Guidelines for employment 5 Oct = men chosen over women if equally qualified.

· Special loans offered to new brides who agreed not to take a job (1000 Reichmarks).

· Ten Commandments for the choice of a spouse, 4 � emphasise racial purity, background and health and having lots of children.

· 18 divorce law � a divorce was possible if a husband or wife could not have children. Even when the husband had made the wife infertile by infecting her with a venereal disease he was allowed to divorce her

· Lebensborn programme � specially chosen unmarried SS women could donate a baby to the Fuhrer by becoming pregnant by racially pure SS men.

Positive Effects

· More racially pure children born.

· More children born so more people to fight a war with and more workers � 1, deaths per 1000 inhabitants = 16.0 ¦¦ 140, deaths per 1000 inhabitants = 0.

· Women keen to get married and so more people in long-term relationships.

· Households received an unexpected boost with 1000 Reichmarks marriage loans or birth loans

Negative Effects

· Weimar increases women’s rights (treated same as men) � Nazis reduce rights and treat women differently � Nazis might be unpopular with women for this reason

· Rather than dissuade women from working, the effects of their policies were to reduce the labour cost of women so they became more popular choices. The number of women working actually increased between 1 and 1. Not only was this negative in Hitler’s opinion, but also in the women’s opinion, because they earned less money.

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