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Love is the permanent subject in literature works. No doubt that these three novels (Wuthering Heights, Pride And Prejudice and Jane Eyre) all deal with love. But all of them tell us special love stories that differ from other common love stories and they themselves are totally different. We can sense the fellness of love in Wuthering Heights, the contradiction of love in Pride And Prejudice, and the pursuing of love in Jane Eyre. From these three novels we see that no matter how different people are, the power of love can change us everything.

Wuthering Heights is a twisted historical romance, a unique break from the typical love story. Bronte mixes passion and hates to create two driven and mad lover. The stormy background of England accents the stormy manors, against which the novel takes place. The mixture of past and present narration forms an amazing complexity that transcends the setting of the two manors and provides deep insight into the characters internal feelings. Brontes careful progression in introducing the characters forces the reader to unconsciously be drawn into the characters think schemes of revenge. The reader pursues two generations in search of the meaning of true love, yet is left to create his own meaning. An orphan becomes a tyrant of his adopted family. A passionate love is lost and a sickened revenge is plotted against the following generation. Full of the idea of death and rebirth, true love vs. conventional love, revenge, greed, power, money, sibling and parental relationships, division of class, full of the feeling of hatred, sorrows, tragedy and anger, Wuthering Heights shows us a merciless revenge caused by a passionate and crazy love. Here love changes a man into a beast.

Jane Eyre is a volatile love story spun with the struggle of survival. I was captivated by Janes world in how she survived living with her cruel aunt and spoiled cousins only to be sent to a strict boarding school. It is during her time at this school where you see Janes character develop here strong will and determination to be a survivor no matter what dismal circumstances she might be in. Of course, her will does get her in a bit of trouble, but she always remains focused. She goes on to become a governess to the ward of a rich man and will eventually fall in love. I will not go into the details because that will, of course, spoil the story. I will just say that when you sit down to read the novel, plan a good block of time because you will not want to put it down. Charlotte Bronte is able to make you see Janes world and feel the pain, desperation, passion, and love that she is feeling. Throughout her life, Jane has always been looking for the one thing, more than wealth or position, that has always seemed to evade her ¡ª¡ª love. Here love makes a tender soul into an independence and successful woman.

Pride And Prejudice is an excellent story of romance. The main plot thread traces the relationship of Elizabeth Bennet, the second of five sisters, who is by nature energetic, open, talkative, sparkling, and a wealthy young gentleman named Darcy, who is by nature cold, proud, reserved, disagreeable¡­Elizabeth finds herself an archenemy in Mr. Darcy, who is the complete opposite of her The two are not immediately attracted to each other¡ª¡ªa fair share of pride and prejudice separates them (hence the title)¡ª¡ªbut, as the story progresses, they are forced to examine their hearts as well as their preconceptions about each other, in order to understand the truth.


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With unbelievable plot turns and twists, detailed dialogues and wonderful storytelling, Jane Austen manages to weave a story that speaks to readers of all ages, all sexes and all eras. How can a story where misunderstanding stands in the way of true love not transcend through the years? There are characters who only want to get married (we all know girls like that), characters who make snap judgments and then refuse to back down from them (which one of us hasn¡¯t done that ourselves?), characters who are interested in money and material things, characters who are sweet and innocent (and misused because of it). Here love eliminates all the misunderstandings.

Three novels, three different types of love stories, altogether give us one strip of truth love can change us everything.

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