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Is it true that the old must learn from the young?

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Is it true that the old must learn from the young?

Physical objects undergo wear and tear, flowers bloom and wither, human beings deteriorate as they experience the phase from young to old. These are parts and parcel of life which is inevitable just like how the society changes in accord with time. Generally, an old person is someone who is above sixty years of age while a person maybe be considered young if his age is below thirty. In order for the old to catch up with the rapidly changing modern society, it is necessary for them to learn from the young. The things which they could learn from the young includes the usage of technological devices and innovations such as the computers, mobile phones, internet as well as fashion which the young fancy and activities which they engage.

In this highly efficient society where technological growth is immeasurable, it is necessary for every individual to be literate in new technological devices in order to ensure survival. These innovations includes the ability to operate computers, logging in the internet and the use of mobile phones for communication purposes. In addition, they should be aware of the benefits they could reap from these inventions. The computers assist one in handling office work, presentations and store bytes of data, providing a second storage place apart from the human brain. There are no doubts that the young pick-up these knowledge faster than the old as they are generally more fascinated and interested in these new products. Thus, they have a higher understanding and are more up-to-date of the latest product. From the computer comes the internet which is one of the greatest source for information, communication such as the electronic mail, MIRC and ICQ. The internet has also reach a higher level by providing electronic shopping for surfers. From these, we could witness that it is important and beneficial to learn how to use these technologies and the old could boost their knowledge by learning from the young.

Besides the technological aspect, the old could learn about the fashion industry from the young and be constantly informed of what is trendy and fashionable. The fashion industry is ever-changing and the pace in which it changes is so fast that which one may see in the magazines may long be out-dated. However, by observing the young, the old could easily pick-up on the latest fashion. For instance, by observing how the young dress themselves, their hairstyles, clothings, shoes and accessories, one could spot the trend immediately and could purchase them from any outlets in the hot spots like Orchard Road in Singapore.

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The old must learn from the young but in the course of learning, it would be salutory if the old could pin-point the wrong �doings of the young and educate them. For instance, downloading of music from the internet is what many young people engage. The old could educate them on the consequences of downloading music freely from the internet. Another example is the purchasing of pirated Video-Cassette Discs(VCDs), Cassette Disc(CD)-roms and games software which many young find it cheap and affordable. The old should make them be aware that selling and buying these products are illegal and it could bring adverse impinge on society. Thus, the old must learn from the young but as the young are impressionable, the activities they engage may not always be appropriate. The old must judge for themselves and help the young along the way.

Although there are many things which the old must learn from the young, the young should not neglect the opportunity of learning from the old as well. Many youngsters feel that the old are helpless and could not provide any thing for them. In contrary, the old have many life experiences to share with the young, moral ethics to teach and guide them and traditions and old practices to follow and pass on to the next generation. Though the young may categorise these old practices as ‘superstitious beliefs and norms’, some have proven to be workable and effective. Thus, only if both the young and the old open their minds, would they be able to learn from each other.

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