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There are many universal themes in The House of Bernada Alba and blood wedding. The structure, plot and characters all serve to embody a series of themes in the plays. Lorca’s rural tragedies are all concerned with the problems of frustration of women love, sexuality, motherhood, marriage and lack of freedom. There are several other themes such as honor, gossip, status, and money.

The universal themes in Blood Wedding are love, passion, revenge, and anger. To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. In the world we often do not do what we want to do because we are scared of what people will think or how they will react. I think this story had a lot to do with Lorca’s life. He had to suppress what he really wanted to do. He suffered socially in his conservative Spanish hometown due to his homosexuality. He had every reason to be afraid. This transpires frequently in the world today, many people are afraid to express their feelings because of how society will behave toward them. It is about unleashing your passion and not suppressing anything. It is about letting go and going for what you want. This theme is also seen in The House of Bernada Alba, when the daughters have to mourn with there mother for eight years. The women want lives of there own but are afraid to tell there mother or attempt to change it.

Suffering and Death is another theme that Lorca expresses in both stories. In the Blood Wedding, she just does not suffer from her fathers and nephews death but her struggle to be with her childhood sweetheart. In the House of Bernada Alba, the daughters do not just suffer from their father’s death, also trapped in the house for 8 years of mourning. The intensity of frustration and mounting inevitability are the causes of death in The House of Bernada Alba. There is no escape for the daughters; they are prisoners in there own house and their mother keeps them in this state. This drives the youngest daughter to suicide, the youngest daughter (Adella) knows that as long as she lives in that house she will suffer the anguish of hope that one day she may have freedom.

Frustration is another major theme in the two stories. A tragic tale of five daughters sexually frustrated and yearning for love, held captive by their tyrannical mother who imposes on them a strict moral code born of her intense Catholicism. The women feel that being a woman is the worst possible punishment.

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Another theme is the family/blood heredity. Lorca paints Bernada as a recently widowed woman who is so obsessed with her familys honor, which she locates in the loins of her five unmarried daughters, which she decrees that all five of these young women must mourn the patriarchs death by restricting themselves to the house for eight years. It is a harsh, unreasonable edict but she is determined to enforce it, even though her one confidante, the bawdy housekeeper Poncia, warns her that it can only lead to rebellion and trouble. Lorcas tragic play not only attacks Bernadas haughtiness and Puritanism but the kind of family values espoused in the world by the Christian right and by Muslim fundamentalists elsewhere.

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