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Group Propsal

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Randa Thompson

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Group Proposal

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April 8, 00

1. The type of group I chose to treat my client is a treatment group that focuses on support and personal growth. The group is designed to be short term lasting two months meeting twice per week for one hour for the first month and once per week for 0 minutes during the second month.

. The goals for the group are to support each other and discuss pertinent issues while learning from others and encouraging fellow group members to rely on each other for support and understanding. Also, sharing and discussing feelings is a major goal.

. I believe my client will benefit from this group because it will give her an opportunity to talk about her own issues while listening to others with similar problems, learning how to cope with the decisions she makes in life, and make more responsible choices.

4. As the facilitator of the group, I will mostly watch and observe the interactions of the members and provide conflict resolution and maintain order while making sure the group stays on track. Some skills that I will need are brokering and mediation.

5. To screen and select members appropriately for the group, there must be at least three members, but no more than ten. Everyone must pregnant or have been and under the age of 18. The group will contain a mixture of females who have participated in the group and can tell how it has affected them and shy females who have a rough time opening up. The rationale behind this procedure is to ensure that everyone talks and expresses their selves and is able to function as a whole.

6. The group will meet at the agency and new people are welcome to join so they can observe the effectiveness of the group through others accomplishments.

7. Members will be prepared if they come in the group with an open mind susceptible for change. The rules from the onset are to make sure that all session are attended and active listening and sharing with others is mandatory.

8. Some of the many topics to be explored and discussed in the group are obtaining prenatal care (good nutrition, lifestyle), adolescent issues (physical appearance, popularity), education (school, employment), finding available resources (WIC, AFDC), dealing with the teenage father, the actual labor, help after pregnancy (depression, parenting skills, prevention of future pregnancies, child day care, where they are going to live, etc.)

. By having members talk about personal issues, they are vulnerable and put themselves at risk for disappointment. To avoid this from happening, every group member will promise to keep what is discussed in the meetings confidential by signing a contract. The majority of the group members will be minors and will require permission forms from their parent or guardian. If any thing were to go wrong, hopefully, I will have followed all the agency procedures and the legal matters will be worked out with the agency’s attorney

10. To evaluate the effectiveness of the group a single subject evaluation will be used. The first period will be how knowledgeable the client was about the information presented and discussed in the group and willingness to participate. The second period is the actual group sessions, where how often they attended is evaluated. The period will be used to test how much they have learned from the group.

11. To determine if my agency has an approval process fro conducting groups, I will get prior approval from my supervisor or the agency person in charge.

To evaluate the effectiveness of my skills, a client satisfaction questionnaire will be given to all group members to answer and give feedback about my intervention and the how well the group worked for them.

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