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Kramer vs. Kramer

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Kramer vs. Kramer

Divorce causes great agony for men, women, and children. Though divorce is painful, parents must do their job and aid their children through their shock and denial. Many people overlook the psychological effects of divorce. Kramer vs. Kramer reveals the emotional effects not only on the child, but on the parents too. It not only affects Billy, but Ted and Johanna Kramer are greatly affected both socially and emotionally. The divorce of parents significantly changes their children’s sense of stability. Billy is traumatized by the abandonment of his mother. He searches for stability from his father. Ted Kramer, at first, halfheartedly attempts to parent Billy. When Ted tries to calm Billy down by reassuring him that everything is ok, it comforts Billy. However, Billy desperately wants Ted to listen to him just as his mother did. Ted is too engrossed with his work to pay attention to Billy’s needs. Billy’s fear of abandonment has come true at this point. He expresses this fear when he waits for Ted to pick him up at a birthday party. He claims that all the other kid’s mothers had been there to pick them up on time. When Billy accidentally spills the coffee all over Ted’s work, Ted begins to realize what he has been doing wrong all these years. Ted becomes an ideal father when he comes to this realization that fathers can be just as good as a parent as a mother can. When Johanna files for custody, Ted never takes Billy to court because he does not want Billy to be tainted. He also does not want him to be put in the middle of Ted and Johanna

Although Ted is somewhat at fault for the divorce, Johanna also abandons him. This causes great suffering for Ted. He is caught off guard by Johanna and doesn’t know what to do. Even though Ted did not spend much time with Billy during his marriage, he still becomes the ultimate father in Billy’s eyes. Ted gains a better understanding of life and it’s responsibilities. At the hearing, Johanna conveys that Ted is not at all a good parent. She explains that Billy is better off with his mother in a stable home. He tells her that if she were to destroy Billy’s relationship with him, it would be irrefutable. This shows that Ted is not about to give up on Billy. Ted is affected by the divorce in more good ways than bad. It brings him to closer to Billy and closer to himself. Johanna makes him realize that he didn’t work at their marriage or understand her that well. By the end of the movie, Ted seems to understand and recognize what had happened. When he makes French toast for him in the end without burning it, it shows that his relationship with Billy has grown into something that will last forever. It is stereotypical to say that men divorce women, and they do not suffer. Ted suffered more than most fathers because he started to find the true meaning of love when it was all about to be taken away when Johanna wins the custody battle.

Johanna is not satisfied with her marriage and decides to leave to find a better life. She wants to have a career and things that Ted never gave her. She makes the sacrifice of leaving Billy. She feels that Billy is better off without her because she feels dejected and depressed. When time passes, Johanna comes back claiming that she has found herself and wants custody of Billy. This seems as though she is jealous of the relationship that has developed between Ted and Billy. During the trial, Johanna makes the comment, “I was his mother for 5 ½ years, Ted just took over for 18 months.” This shows that Johanna illustrates some bitterness towards Ted for taking over her role as a mother. When a couple divorces they start to feel that the child loves one parent more than the other. Johanna finally sees what Billy means to Ted. She decides to not to play into the hurt and mistrust that could arise from the situation.

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This film portrays the complexities of love and divorce. Ted and Johanna were divorced because of their lack of communicating. Lack of communication is the primary reason for marriage falling. Johanna gave up on Ted and on herself. She could have taken care and loved Billy but she knew that Ted was better for Billy, contrary to what she thought at the beginning of the divorce. The Kramers are greatly affected by the divorce. Some would say that Ted gained life from the divorce and Johanna lost life. If you were to ask where Billy Kramer was right now, he is probably with his unbroken family taking care of his son or daughter, the way Ted took care of him.

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