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how to overcome a bad habit of smoking

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Tobacco is like a demon that tempts people to be its captive. If you try to smoke, maybe only for a few times, you might get addicted. Once you are addicted, it would be extremely hard to quit. I had been smoking for three years. Two years ago when I saw my uncle who had twenty years smoking experience died of lung cancer, I realized that I had to quit. Lots of people tried to quit smoking many times but without success. I think that to overcome such a bad habit, what you should do is to follow three steps get away from a smoking environment, eat snacks instead of smoking, and keep exercising.

When I decided to quit smoking, I knew that the first thing that I must do was to get away from the environment of smoking. Smokers often cannot control their addiction to cigarettes while they can see or smell somebody is smoking. In order to avoid this kind of situation, I tried not to stay in the place where smoking is allowed and temporarily stayed away from those friends who have the habit of smoking. For example, at the break time, I stayed at the cafeteria, drinking a cup of coffee instead of going outside with my colleagues to have a cigarette. During my spare time, I tried to keep myself busy by doing extra work such as cleaning, repairing and washing instead of going to clubs or bars where smoking is not prohibited. Getting away from the environment of smoking may divert my focus on smoking.

Sometimes no matter how you try your best not to get involved in a smoking environment, there must be something that incites your addiction to smoking. To overcome it, I got a tip which is to eat snacks when you really want a cigarette. There are always some snacks such as candies, chips or chocolate in my bag. Every time when I want to smoke, I take the snacks out and eat them. It always works because when your mouth is busy on chewing, you will forget about smoking.

Except for the ways that I mentioned above, the most important thing for overcoming the bad habit of smoking is to keep exercising. Exercise is very beneficial, especially for the smokers. Smokers have lower immunity than people who do not smoke. Research shows that people who have long smoking histories are more likely to have lung cancer when they get older. Keeping exercising will not only give me a healthy body but and help me to win back my confidence. Since I gave up smoking, I have fallen into a good routine of exercise. Every morning I jog in the park, breath the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. It makes me comfortable and energetic. Little by little, smoking is no longer attractive to me because I now have a better choice.

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As we learned about the disabled artist Frida Kahlo from the book Waving It Together, nothing is so difficult that you cannot do it if you have a strong determination. Although smoking can make people addicted, getting rid of it can be achieved if you follow the three steps that I outlined above. This is the way in which I succeeded. I do believe that if I can do it then you can do it too.

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