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James Speth, Administrator of the United Nations Development Program outlined some the massive problems confronting the world a decade ago.

Today, the average person among the 4 billion in the developing countries consumes about ,500 calories of food each day. The average person consumes ,400 calories per day in Western Europe and more than ,600 in the United States… according to recent estimates by the world’s leading soil scientists, an area of about 1. billion hectares-about the size of China and India combined-has experienced moderate to extreme soil deterioration since World War II as a result of human activities. Over three-fourths of that deterioration has occurred in the developing regions, most of it in arid and semi-arid regions. When combined with other environmental threats to the agricultural resources base-loss of water and generic resources, loss if cultural resources, and climate change, both local and global-the situation is disturbing.

(Speth, 14)

Three years late Paul Ehrlich expanded on this description of the environmental problems facing the world.

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Exploitation is a complex subject, but in a world in which huge international disparities in wealth and power persist, the rich-poor gap is increasing. In 160 the ratio of the income of the richest 0 percent of humanity to that of the poorest 0 percent of humanity was 01; according to the United Nations Human Development Report 17, it was nearly 801 in 14. And the rich show pathetically little interest in closing that gap. Since 150 the richest fifth of the humankind has doubled its per capita consumption of energy, meat, timber, steel, and copper, and quadrupled it car ownership, greatly increasing global emissions of CFCs and greenhouse gases, accelerating tropical deforestation, and intensifying other environmental impacts. The poorest fifth of humankind has increased it per capita consumption hardly at all. Indeed, those in the poorest fifth average a cash income of less than a dollar a day, and those in the next fifth average only three dollars a day. This means that 40 percent of humankind accounts for a mere 6.5 percent of the world’s income.

(Ehrlich, 17)

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