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Fighting for My Life For the Second Time

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Mary Buckingham in her article “Fighting for My Life For the Second Time” (Newsweek December, ,00,page 0) asserts that she’ll do anything to struggle with her second cancer and also that it’s important to be vigilant about regular checkups. As a matter of fact, fighting with a disease is as important as regular checkups in any situation.

As Buckingham claims she’ll strive with her cancer and will take the “odds” “whatever” they are. Dealing with a cancer for second time is not an easy job; however, it needs a lot of effort to stay positive and strong and a lot of self-confident. It’s very important not to give up and maintain the hope for living there is an idiom that says, ” Every cloud has a silver lining” and it means that within every misfortune, there is an element of hope. As a result, the hope will make you eager to do anything needed for cure and not give up. Even if you know that your life is very short, seeing the half full of the glass will help you to be comfortable during that short period and don’t make your relatives anxious and miserable. In contrast, as soon as you give up, you’ll let the disease to take root slowly, you don’t even want to see your doctor or take your pills anymore and then because of the pain you’ll complain about the nausea, pains, etc and also will make the life miserable for yourself and your surroundings. Talking about fighting with a disease remind me about my grandmother who died 8 years ago. She felt into a fit of apoplexy and then she went to a coma for 4 months, but you could see how she was struggling for her life and made effort to become aware. Whenever you were talking to her, she would do something like making noise or crying or smile to show you she can feel you or in the last month she tried to move the half death of her body which doctors said is a big progress and agreed that she is fighting very hard for her life. Until the day her heart stopped she didn’t give up fighting with the coma.

Furthermore, as Buckingham’s doctor recommends her she has to be “vigilant” about her regular check ups, as far as it’s likely for her to have a cancer gene. Not only about the cancer, but also about any other disease it’s important to make regular checkups for more confident, comfort and more important for a successful cure. If you know that there is a disease in your family such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc, a regular check up will keep track of the changes that your body may have and if any sign of that disease show up you can immediately start with the cure. Besides, most of the diseases are curable at the very beginning. A friend of mine got MS, an irremediable disease at some levels, years ago and as soon as she got aware, she started the cure. The doctors told her because of the early action, it’s likely for her to be cured. In contrast, another friend got the same disease and he didn’t know about it until -4 years later. Consequently, doctors told him it’s a bit late to get cured and the cure is temporary. Moreover, if we don’t pay attention to the signs of a disease, it’ll get worse and worse and it may result to a serious damage. My grand mother has diabetes and she had the signs of the diabetes, but she didn’t take it seriously until one day her eyes got blind. But it was to late to cure it!!!

In short, it’s really important to stay calm and happy during a curing process in order to make the process faster. Again, it’s very important to keep track of the changes of the body for staying healthy and not beginning a late process of the cure if needed.

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