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Purpose To explore the feelings of an adolescent as she rides the roller coaster of adolescents.

Audience Adults and Adolescents.

Adolescence. A time of trials, tribulations, happiness, sadness, excitement and most of all finding your personal identity. It’s a time of friendship blues, broken hearts and parent troubles. The best way to describe adolescents is a roller coaster.

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Being a child is so much easier than being an adolescent. It’s like riding a miniature roller coaster. The only ups and downs, which you may experience, are not being able to watch playschool. But when you’re an adolescent there’s much bigger fish to fry. (Or so they say).

When you join the long queue of people also waiting to come aboard the Roller coaster of adolescence, you see the look of terror on their faces. Some people are excited but there are only a select few. When you realise that you’re only a step away from riding the roller coaster you feel scared and nervous. You realise that you’re a step away from the best and worst times of your life.

Adolescence is about finding your personal identity. It’s as though you’re at the top of the queue to ride the roller coaster and you’re choosing where you’re going to sit. It’s as though you’re choosing your place in society. As well as choosing where you fit in, in society you also choose where you fit in around friends and peers. There comes a time in every girls life when she must break away from her comfort zone of friends and branch out to make new friendships. While doing this you try and work out where you fit in with all the other girls and also where they fit in around you.

After you have chosen a place in the roller coaster, the safety bars come down. These are a cold reminder that you’re locked into this and there’s no getting out. On the other hand it gives you a sense of safety as though it’s going to be there to support you along your journey. This safety bar is like your family and close friends. You know that whatever situations may arise there always going to be there for you no matter what. . As the roller coaster begins you feel anxious about what lies ahead of you .You wait as the roller coaster takes you up the first hill of your journey.

The hill is more like a problem. The problem… There’s a big party and you really want to go but your parents won’t let you .You argue and argue but still they don’t budge. You try persuasive language like “ I’ll clean my room” or “ I’ll be nice to you for ever and ever”. But still no go. You finally give up and you feel defeated. You truly believe that you’re the only girl in school who is not going, but as a matter of fact none of your friends are going. They two are not allowed to go. You feel the safety bar push your stomach. See it really does work. You realise that there will be another party. You also realise that at the top of the hill there must be something good awaiting you.

Something good does come from the bad. The cutest guy in the school has asked you to the formal. You can’t believe it. You’re the happiest that you’ve ever been. You convince yourself that you must be getting awarded for coming through a rough patch. You wonder how long all this happiness can last. You start feeling worried. Worried that it might end before you want it to.

Guess what. This happiness does end, and you realise that it was too good to be true. You are reminded that everything that goes up must come down and that happiness doesn’t last forever.

This time the thing that gets you down in the dumps and onto yet another hill is friendship problems. Your group of friends have divided and you have been left in the middle. You feel worthless. You feel as though your world has been turned upside down. It’s like you have come to a big loop in the roller coaster, where you are literally turned up side down. This loop or friendship problem makes you feel sick. You feel sick because your worried and you don’t know for sure exactly what’s going to happen with your friends. This loop or friendship problem seems to go on forever and you wonder if it’s ever going to end.

Luckily, the loop in the roller coaster ends and your friendship problems cease. When you come back down from the loop you feel proud. This is the same feeling that you have when you finally are sitting around in the schoolyard and you see all your friends sitting and talking together. You feel proud that you have come through yet another rough patch aboard this often-unforgiving roller coaster of adolescence.

As well as there being ups and downs on the Roller coaster there are also minor bumps along the way. Sometimes these bumps feel bigger than what they are because the whole adolescent thing can get you feeling stressed out and depressed. It’s as though your little brother walked passed you and poked his tongue out at you. On any other day you wouldn’t have made a big deal about it but today you we’re having a bad day. You had to stay in ten minutes after school because you we’re passing notes in class. These bumps can often be the ones that make you feel the worst. You must remember that on the roller coaster of adolescents it’s not always smooth sailing.

As you step off the roller coast of adolescence and begin your journey towards adulthood you feel a sense of pride and self-satisfaction. You feel proud because you have come through and survived the horrible and dreaded roller coaster of adolescents. As you walk back down past the still quite long queue of people waiting to take the same journey you did. You look, and see the same looks on their faces as you saw when you were in their position. This will be the same look on the millions of other boys and girls who ride the same roller coaster of adolescence .You just hope that like you they survive it.

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