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Advertising Year 10 Media Assessment Task.

1. Advertising is a way of promoting and informing the consumer about a certain product or service. To make a successful advertising campaign the advertisement must be broadcasted to a wide variety of consumers. Different media forms make this possible. Some of these forms include; bill boards, signage, endorsement, events and giveaways.

. A. Market Research is a key thing in preparation for an advertisement. Producers need to find out who would most benefit form their product. Data is obtained through market research of the target audience. This research includes surveys, giveaways and ratings.

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B) Ratings tell the company how well their advertising campaign is doing and if the target audience is responding to the ad. Ratings are obtained much the same way as market research is. Ratings can be given by surveys, competition entry, public opinion polls, sponsorships, memberships and statistics. People can also be payed to put boxes on top of their television so the TV stations can obtains ratings.

. Advertisers use different types of people/images to sell their product. They need to appeal to the audience of who they are targeting. Many techniques are required for a good advertisement. There are very different production techniques that include Music that is everywhere it suits the product and makes the images come alive. Jingles, which get stuck in the head of the consumer. Words on screen enforce the product and make it interesting. Slogans are a snappy sentence that captures the viewers. Another technique is Logos, which gives the product a face. Different forms of media use different production techniques. Television is ideal for advertisements, as it has no restrictions. Unlike paper media or billboards.

4. The Original Method of Persuasion on my Advertisement was ‘Sex Appeal’. The lady on the front cover is looking sexy with her new hair colour. I changed the Advertisement from having sex appeal to using ‘Economy’ as its method of persuasion. I made the advertisement look cheap and put fraises like “Low Low Low’ on it this would make the buyer think they were getting a good deal. The sex appeal would probably work better because it would appeal more to ladies. The method of persuasion using economy would make the product look cheap and not so appealing to females.

5 The Advertising Federation of Australia function is to represent companies. They give the companies an edge in the business world and make them more competitive. They help companies become leaders in management and political issues. They have three goals that they work by; Effectiveness, Ethics and education.

The AFA are a Self Regulated Organization

6. If there was no regulation anything could be put on television. Inappropriate things, which could offend many people, could be put on. Restrictions are placed on advertisements that protect viewers. All advertisements are screened to make sure that they are appropriate and are suitable for the timeslot in which they are put in.

7. Some ads are banned for no reason. I think there are to many wingers and conservatisms that ring up and complain about ads. Ads should be looked at from all peoples perspectives and not just form the one angle. People need to be a lot more broadminded when looking at the ads. This could be overcome by having a panel of people of all different ages and views to look at the ads and decide whether it is appropriate.

8.A. Regulation in Australia is very important. Its restricts companies from misleading consumers. Regulation is enforced by the ACCC, which investigates many breaches of the regulations every year.

B. The ACCC investigates many breaches of advertising per year. Two examples are the McDonalds breach and Volvos breach. I found these two-issue quite entertaining. The first issue I am looking at is the McDonald’s breach. McDonald’s told consumer that their “grilled chicken burger” was actually grilled. However this was not the case they actually branded on the grill marks and cooked the burgers in a steam oven. Thanks to the ACCC McDonalds was forced to stop promoting its “grilled chicken burger” as Grilled.

The second case of a breach in advertisement is the ad for Volvo. An advertisement showed cars getting run over by a tractor. The only car left undamaged was the Volvo. It turned out that the other cars had had their supports taken out and Volvos had extras put in. Volvo did not even intend to make the cars with such great support. Once again they were caught out and they were “publicly humiliated” in front of the public and left to pickup the pieces of a failed ad campaign.

. A. Tobacco companies are very sneaky their advertising. Being banned from advertising they need to use very subtle yet innovative ways of advertising. One example of this is the ‘Alpine Girls’ they go around pubs and raves getting photos with people who are smoking alpines. Although technically they promote nothing and their clothes are only the colours of the brand with no print on them everyone knows who they are and what company they are from. This from of informal advertisements works very well for companies of whose product is banned form advertising in Australia.

B. Australia is called the ‘Dark Market’ because all advertisement or sponsorships by tobacco companies is banned. Companies try and so to speak go below the radar and advertise very subtlety without getting in trouble. Companies go to great lengths to do this.


Cigarette Commercials in 176_____Print Ads Banned in 1____Billborards Banned in 15____ Sports Sponsorship Banned in 16____ Formula 1 sponsorship banned and Motorcycle Grand Prix

C. The quote indicates how Tobacco marketing will need to be done in sync with the customer. The tobacco companies need to make the customer enjoy the brand and the lifestyle that comes with it. The consumer is the best word of mouth and there is not better advertisement to have everyone smoking the same brand in a club. The marketers need to become one at one with the consumers because it would benefit them greatly. They would have many ways of doing this. It may be through public relations stunts or event in which the cigarette brand is ever so apparent and people from the companies such as the ‘Alpine Girls’ are walking around promoting.

D. QUIT’s main concerns regarding tobacco campaigns is that companies will target young people who will get hooked on the brand and stick with it for life. The have already successfully banned the distribution of promotional goods given out by Cigarette companies. They no that young people are easily targeted and not as aware to the subtle campaigns in which cigarette companies set out to get them hooked.

E. Two sponsorship deals in which tobacco companies have contributed are the Magazine Wave in which Alpine sponsored and Philip Morris who gave $0,000 to Convent Garden National Opera Studio Scholarship.

10. A. Advertising now is something that we can notice the presence of, today in 00. Jay Chiats article makes us think, maybe in the future, we won’t be able to notice it, because itll become so common, so subtle and so usual. As time goes on the technology off the world will only become better and more innovative. Jay Chiat believes that technology will rule our lives. That Technology will help advertisers pinpoint their exact target audience by showing the ad directly on new screen thatll be invented. He believes the ads will be tailored to the persons who are watching needs. The advertisement that is put up on screen will be different then the person next door. He believes that people will start enjoying ads and start taken them in and recognising them.

11. A. Product placement is an agreement in which a certain product gets a mention or is shown. This normally occurs in movies. Companies pay the movie company to have their actor use or wear their product. In the latest James Bond movie it is said that a product placement occurs times every scene. Another example is in the movie ‘Shaft’ where the main character on wears Armani Clothing thought out the film.

B. Product placement gives the Advertisers choice for who views their product. In kids movies they may have a kids product being placed and a product for mothers as they no that mother and child will be watching the movie. This is much the same as in normal television. Advertisement put the ads in during a certain timeslot and during certain shows, which aim at their target audience. The second benefit of product placement in attracting target audience is that a product can say it is better then a rival product. The advertisers pay to have the only beverage drunk in a film Coke, and have the actor turn down a Pepsi. Product placement is a great weapon in the advertising world.

C. Product placement may also be of a disadvantage because the product would be put in around the movie so it does not interfere with the script. The advertisers would not always get the desired result because they do not have control of the whole ad and it would only get a minimal amount of viewing time. Another disadvantage is the placement of ads is very subtle so the person viewing it may not understand what is being placed and they may not get enough information in their brain to remember the product. In some cases the product placement may become too much in some films and people will be against it because they have to pay to watch ads.

D. Ambient advertising is a naturally ubiquitous extension of tradition if outdoor advertising and product placement. The word ambient means completely surrounding this is exactly what this type of advertising is. Everywhere we look today there is advertising it paves the cities skyscrapers and walls. An example of this is the advertisement on the sides of buses that move around everywhere. This is a moving advertisement, which many people will see. Advertisers are continuously thinking of new ways to advertise and Ambient Advertsing is something, which they heavy rely on.

1. A. Television rating determines the cost of an advertisement. They do this because of how many people will be viewing the ad. The more people who are likely to be viewing it the more it costs. Ads during peak hour are ten times more expense then advertisements during the early morning or late at night hours.

B. There is a great difference between the amount of time made available between Commercial stations and SBS. SBS allocates five minutes of ad time every hour whilst a commercial station has two and a half minutes of ads every 1 minutes. SBS does not need as much advertisement time. Their viewers expect quality programming. Ads deter people form watching certain programs so SBS has a very small amount. The may also be funded by the government in which the do not need sponsorship because the already have revenue. The mature and well indeed audience of SBS would take notice of advertisements because they are simply not interested in the products. Due to this most people would not want to advertise on SBS. Commercial station such as Channel 10, and 7 all have lots of ads. They have different ads for different timeslots and are paid lots of money to show them. These companies need a source of income because they are not government funded and they also have a broader amount of viewers. Advertisement is much a part of commercial television and mot people watch the ads and think about them.

C. Peak Ratings is during winter. In summer ratings drop by 50% and this is because everyone is outside ding thins and not watching the television. When it’s cold in the winter everyone is inside watching the TV all day therefore the rating skyrocket.

1. A. The owners of Pop house pay kids 15 dollars each, to tell them what’s ‘cool’. They select kids who have a lot of influence over their peers and know what is going on. They interrogate these children and find out what hot and what’s not. These kids tell them what’s in and what’s not. Due to this Pop house is able to stay ahead of the pack in knowing what ‘cool’ and what’s not.

B. Viral marketing is a way of spreading advertising through various methods. They can research a particular image, using ‘cool hunters’ to go out and look, then they can spread this to sell the product. It’s easy to expose ‘cool’ things, just by featuring ‘cool’ kids in video clips, in ads or at other venues. It’s an un-confirmed way of advertising. Where teens or people are being exposed to advertising (through other teens or people) unknowingly. Sometimes they’re not even aware that they’re experiencing advertising. Viral marketing ‘infects’ people, so easily and so subtly. “Anywhere you go, everywhere you go, it’s happening all around you”. And what makes it so successful is that people generally look to their peers for what’s cool. I guess you could say that viral marketing is a sneaky way of using people to lour other people.

C. Cool is always changing and people are always trying to keep up with trends. The image of Cool may ruin some children’s life. They think they never fit the mould and it cause depression and has many detrimental affects. The meaning of cool changes everyday so these ‘Cool Hunters’ will come more apparent as time goes on. Advertisements may soon go to far in there quest to stay a head of the market but only time will tell.

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