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Perfectionism in the Work Force

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Have you ever had to deal with a co-worker or even a boss who had to have everything perfect? Or are you one of those people who is just extreme that way. The following paragraphs will explain the problems with perfectionism. How it is used in the job force, and how we can relate it to human relations as well as in our own lives.

In the work force, being perfect may look good, but it is likely to bring down employees and companies all together. People don’t like to be perfect as much as they like to look good. Employees like to be put on a pedestal by other employees. It makes them feel good. They want to maintain their superhuman image by covering up their errors. You will find most perfectionists working in risky environments where employees must work together on mistakes to avoid distruction. A study by pilots showed that, “accidents and perfectionism often go hand-in-hand.”

Another problem of perfectionism in the work force is that it is hard for perfectionists to meet deadlines. There is too much time spent on useless details. More time is spent than is needed on specific projects. Then, as a result, the whole company suffers.

When perfection invades the culture of a business, disaster can happen. “The ability to make the distinction between what is achievable and what isn’t is highly associated with business effectiveness,” says Lafferty, of Human Synergistic International (Sherman, 8). For example, one company set itself up for a big fall by trying to set goals that they couldn’t meet. They did this for 16 years and each year failed to meet this goal. If anyone sets goals that are unrealistic, they are trying to be too perfect. This will do a good job of helping a company fail very rapidly.

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While working under the stressful environment of perfectionism, employees tend to suffer. But, the perfectionists themselves tend to suffer the most because of their self-induced stress. This stress leads to health problems such as depression and physical problems. Lafferty states his opinion of this. “Achievement acts as an insulation against physical illness, while perfectionism seems almost to conduct it” (Sherman, 8).

The down falls of perfectionism are useful to know when dealing with human relations. We have to deal with people every day, whether it be in the work force or at home. Becoming drastic in this perfect behavior can lead to stress and anger while dealing with people. This can cause a bad perception of a certain business. Perfectionism affects your attitude and plays a role in how successful you become and whether or not your goals are met.

Everyone falls in this perfectionism mode sometimes. I know that I do it all the time. I’m the oldest child, so I expect a lot from myself and other people. But, reading this article has helped me to recognize my weaknesses and will help me to correct them. This will help my future career in being a more realistic goal setter.

Source Note Sherman, Ken. “The Impossible Dream.” Psychology Today May/June 15 8.

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