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I’ve been involved in the for four years and in those years I’ve learned so much more than how to play an instrument, spin a rifle and march around a football field or gym floor. I’ve learned multitude of life and leadership skills that properly prepared me for life in the real world. I owe so much to in the past four years of my high school career. When I look back at my time as a marching member the images that stand out the most in my mind are the looks on the faces of my fellow peers as we took the field at our last show at Riewer field. Knowing that we had just one more chance to pour our blood, sweat, and tears, in to our performance, or The sound the crowd As we took the field together .A crowd full of Family, friends and alumni that watched us grow, into not only strong individuals but also a family. I suppose that in many ways, I have moved on. I checked in my uniform, equipment, and heard the core play the show for the last time, and in the next few years, someone else will spin my flag, and someone else will march the drill spot that I marched so proudly. I will be graduating this year and will continue my Pageantry Experience at but I do know that if those future experiences are at least as pleasant as my past four years Im in for a treat. I am pretty sure of this however the Palmdale Falcon Pageantry core has taught me so much about people and about life that in some ways, I will never really move on, but just start another stage in my life. I have to admit there were times that I felt like I was wasting my time with the the more I try and find the negatives they are greatly out numbered by the positives. I remember a conversation that I had with Mr. Hixon my freshman year when I wasnt doing so well in my academic classes and I was skipping school and only go to practice surprisingly enough Mr.Hixon found out he the threatened me to kick me out of the core, well that was enough for me to get my act together and focus in my academics because that would be the only way I would have a successful career as a Colorguard designer and choreographer. To be honest it was the hardest goals I have ever set for myself. I have successfully completed the first part of my goal the other half is to be the first member in generations of my Family to to college .I plan to be an educator an hope to pass somemost importantly the

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