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Isn’t It Scary?

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War is generally a conflict between nations or groups that usually involves killing and destruction. War is engaged to bring about or to resist political, social or even economic changes that are often related to causes as religious conflicts and for acquirement of territory. War results into horrible means. The use of force has demonstrated many times before in the past and even now that it always results in massive destruction of nations, economies and homes that contain a massive number of casualties; which scars the surviving lives until part from life on earth. If it means to destroy ones home, family, surroundings and life; then one starts to question on who the real enemy is. War is never the answer to any dispute or issue that cannot be settled by diplomatic means, unless one faces no choice except to compete in a war for freedom. War uses brainwashing techniques, by which behaviour can be modified and weakened to think and do so, as desired. Necessary war is for freedom from whoever is holding back on it. Destroying an enemy’s will to resist in a war includes the use of propaganda.

War techniques change as frequently as technology changes. Combat has changed from ancient to modern developments that are linked to technological techniques. No matter how rapidly the world changes to pursue a life lasting result to improve on combat techniques, the one thing that will never change and probably would not be changed is brainwashing. To whom ever a nation is trying to brainwash always changes the behaviour that can be modified after weakening a human’s mind and body; physically and mentally that results in changing an individual’s personality, thought and life. Disguising spies most likely originate from brainwashing a suspect that is valuable to a nation. In the novel 184 by George Orwell, illustrated the method on how brainwashing was affected and how it was effective on individuals. Torture was one way that broke down one’s mind and body after being through prolonged fatigue, discomfort, exhaustion and pain that demoralize effectiveness to do anything unwanted. O’Brien said “There are three stages in your re-integration. There is learning, there is understanding and there is acceptance.” (Page 7). Another way of brainwashing was integration, to which states the stages that one must go through to think as wished. Narrator said “Then almost without a pause he wrote beneath it; TWO AND TWO MAKE FIVE”. (Page 0). Doublethink is a manipulation of the mind that makes people accepts contradictions that two and two makes five. O’Brien said

“If you are a man, Winston, you are the last man.

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Your kind is extinct; we are the inheritors.

Do you understand that you are alone? You are out

side of history, you are non-existent.”(Page 8-8).

O’Brien forced Winston to believe that he was the only one who did not believe in what the Party was doing right. The whole concept was for Winston to fall into that, and to think that he must give into his beliefs and start to do want is wanted of him. O’Brien has a great deal of responsibility to what Winston went through. Winston said “What is in Room 101?” (Page 7). O’Brien said “You know what is in room 101, Winston. Everyone knows what is in Room 101.” (Page 7). He lead him to believe that he was against the Party and brought him under his command, and torture him with what Winston feared most. Rats; which were Winston’s greatest fear that were put in that place in order to see if he where his real beliefs were at the end. “War is Peace”, is meant to mean that war units the people together. It had a great influence on the social quality of life and as human beings, because if everything was fed into the minds of the people with the same amount of information, then no one could think or do differently, except for those that the Party could not get through or did not know of what was going on at times.

Freedom in war is basically on everyone’s mind. Freedom is being able to escape the horrible sites of injuries, puddles of blood, murder, and destruction. All through life one tries to avoid those worries that challenges or agitates the future of life and death. War does not give that opportunity. Society can only change the path of which it faces. In a war, people have to confront many unpleasant experiences to reach a step closer to freedom. It could be trying to escape death and receive freedom of the country, life and to be able to speak, do, love and think as one wishes in the society that fought for. It might have meant sacrificing lives or any that would make life miserable and not worth living for. But much rewarding and refreshing in the end. According to George Orwell the only freedom that was mentioned in the novel did that want freedom of Big Brother. The fake and unrealistic or typical life that was set for Oceania to live. As though freedom was wanted of that, it was also wanted from Winston’s ex-spouse, from which at times with Katherine, Winston wanted to kill her. Julia said “Why didn’t you give her a shove?” Winston said “I would have”. (Page 141). If Winston shoved Katherine off that cliff, then he would have also been free from her and misery that Katherine put Winston through. The loss was being horrified, hopeless and to be denied freedom to think, to be rational. It lost its freedom to be human. Narrator said “To die hating them, that was freedom”. (Page 4). This revealed that, even with out freedom of being human, being able to know that hating the Party was freedom in a personal way. This also led Winston to feel capable of doing what he pleased to do. O’Brien said “How many fingers, Winston?” Winston said “Four! Five! Four!” (Page 6). Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. “Freedom is Slavery” is meant that someone who works as an individual is subjected to the harm of the world. They are told by the Party that they are being saved from the evils of the outsiders of Oceania. To Winston, his freedom was from being able to do all the things as human beings, but also to ask for forgiveness on the ways he treated his mother and sister when he was young, and to be capable in seeing that love for a family should always be there before it vanishes. Nervousness and paranoia, takes that extra step closer to respecting the importance of human freedom and dignity, and the dangers in allowing governments to hold freedom to rebel or be different. All that remains is to fight to maintain or regain life.

To believe or not to believe is one thing that separates this world from the world of the novel. If a person had no choice other than what was being told to believe through propaganda. Psychological warfare aims at destroying an enemy’s will resist, which includes the use of propaganda. Anything from posters on the wall to the formation of films. Propaganda is used to put the information that is wanted into the minds of others and for those minds to absorb and believe into that information. Narrator said “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.” (Page 4). Is George Orwell’s way is saying that Big Brother was like a God like figure that can see and hear everything that is thought, said and moved about and anything against Big Brothers’ policies will be judged. Telescreens in each room, showing propaganda and political pamphlets, which had built in microphones to spy on people. “War is Strength” that gives the inability of the people that recognize the harm that is being caused to the people. Weakening the independence and the strength of individuals minds and forcing them to live in perpetual position of propaganda, produces fear, which the Party forces on Oceania. A Two Minute Hate was repeated each sat. there are so many topics that the novel discusses and demonstrates propaganda to which it included the Ministry of Truth where the main character Winston Smith works at and alters records of the past to fit naturally with the present. It also went down to the eleventh edition of the Newspeak dictionary. Syme said “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?” (Page 55). The aim was for the public to only know words that would limit ones thoughts to think in only positive terms and could not think or act against the Party. The words of the eleventh edition of the Newspeak dictionary gives the words a much more defined definition that does not allow any other interpretation. Also, the Party would change at any moment who Oceania was really at war with; Eurasia or Eastasia. The most propaganda significant part of this would be the Party slogan, “Who controls the past controls the future Who controls the present controls the past”. It gives a feeling that if a constant war going on, people of Oceania will rule the world and life would be better. This puts the screened lid that only allows so called positive information that one would believe. It also puts the lid on what to believe and what to act upon in a satisfying way for the Party.

In conclusion, war is never the answer to any dispute or issue that cannot be settled by diplomatic means, unless it is for freedom. War leads to so may things. The ways that the ‘Nineteen eight-four’ society brought the enemies down, demonstrated who the real enemy was. It also sent a message which said for freedom must be fought for in order to receive peace and be able to walk freely in the society wanted among the people wanted, in the surrounding wanted. This brings the clueless informed on the issues that other confront, to be acted upon it to help. After the World War the part took control of the country using propaganda and brainwashing the society of Oceania. Isn’t it scary that Orwell’s prediction of that future in meaning exactly the same as the present today?

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