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life as a house

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Life as a House Directed and produced by Irwin Winkler.

This film experiences different styles of change, physical in the way that the father (Kevin Kline) discovers he has cancer and his body begins to weaken. Emotional change is experienced, in the way that his son Sam (Hayden Christensen) changes his perspective of his father entirely and begins to feel something for him.

This movie’s audience and context would be aimed at the age groups of 16 and above, yet many 16 year olds may not appreciate what the movie is about. To empathise with the characters in this film you have to be mature, caring and sympathetic as it is a very sad and depressing movie, on the other hand it is a very drawing and captivating movie which immediately helps the responders to make a bond with the characters.

Throughout this story we learn how both Sam and his father change their whole perspective on life. Sam realises that his father is an important figure in his life and he shouldn’t block him out, the way he has been doing the past few years of his life. Lewis in the play ‘Cosi’ by Louis Nowra, also changes his perspective on the patients that are taking part in his play. In the beginning he despises them, thinks that they are worthless, just like Sam despises his father in the beginning, then as the play moves along Lewis realises that they are real people who he forms a unique bond with. In the film Life as a House Sam too does realise that his father is a great man and he shouldn’t block him out, they too form a close bond. In the end of both stories these bonds do not remain strong, Sam’s father dies of cancer and Lewis leaves the patients.

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The language spoken in this film is both formal and informal. At times it’s very emotional and very touching for the responders.

This medium production, film affected my response more so than the other texts as it is very real. If you let yourself, you can sense that you are apart of the movie, feeling what the characters feel.

This film Life as a House really did enhance my understanding of changing perspective as it showed me that by changing your perspective on one person can truly make you a happier person with yourself and others. Many people of today are to self absorbed to ever change what they think about people. Even if they don’t know the person they already make a judgment. If they give that person a chance, their whole perspective on life can be changed for the better, just like what happened in this film Life as a House.

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